[MOD]BF-109F first Prototype (my first frankenplane)

=BLW=PabloSniper Wrote:similar to this?
[Image: il2fb2010-01-2718-57-53-51.jpg]

[Image: il2fb2010-01-2718-57-58-54.jpg]
Big Grin

Now that's looking good. It needs the wing guns and tail bracing struts removed and it won't be too far off.


and the retractable tailwheel as mentioned in the article?

The photo shows the later-style oil coolers, but if this is a frankenplane I don't think you can have the wing without the oil coolers, right?

I really like it!

I hate to be picky but it should have the later Emil canopy (the one on the E-4). Also, I think someone else mentioned this before, but the supercharger intake should be just a little smaller than the one on the F-2. It's looking really good though Pablo 8)
I found a German site that lets you look-up a Werk Nummer to find photos of a specific Bf-109. There are pictures of the plane shown earlier in this thread, the V24 (VK+AB, WerkNr 5604), as well as some of the the V23 prototype (CE+AB, WerkNr 5603)!!! Even though the V23 has got an earlier prototype number, it has later wings, so I'm thinking this one was converted after V24 (?). I can't link to the pictures themselves do to the site's code, but just click the link that says "werknummer" to sort the list by number, and scroll down to "5604". Click "zeigen" to view the photos. (or, just have the page loaded by a translator! :winkSmile


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