To All Please Read.

To all, I am restoring links and downloads as you all can see.
I have started with the Maps and objects first after I get done
With them I will do all the airplanes then after they are done
I will do all the odds and ends, so slowly we will get back to
Wear we where before the AAA demise.


Thank you very much DM,
a lot of work ...

Yes it’s a lot of work but am a retired old man with
Nothing better to do then 3D modeling and uploading :mrgreen:


Deutschmark Wrote:Yes it’s a lot of work but am a retired old man with


Well old, not to old but yes retired Smile


Maybe I should send my photo to the pension fund and let them estimate my age.
If I'm lucky I could get payed for... ah... forget it :mrgreen:

Best regards - Mike

oh yeah!! infinite thanks to you, too many mods was unable to see in the new forum, I´m happy to heard this notice Big Grin

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