WW 1 Style Event Flanders AIr War

The RAF 209 Squadron is working on sponsoring a WW 1 style event...all Bi-planes.

Everything from the Glads to Heinkel 51c

Two versions of the U2 Vs

as well as two other two seat bi planes...

There is a special download you will need to get from our website to fly and use all the available planes

It will be a Zuti server so there will be moving targets and AI planes.

We test it on Tuesday nights at 8:30 PM EST


I would like to formally invite you all to join us in flying over the fields of Flanders.

This will be a closed cockpit no little plane, one death per session war...just like the good ol' days of Flanders in Flames and Flanders Air War.

Flanders Air War

Is a 3 Week 6 session war that will be fought starting on

Tuesday November 8 and the final session to be played on Tuesday November 29.

Battles will take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays

All Tuesday Sessions will begin at 8 pm EST and either with your death or at 10 pm EST

All Saturday Sessions will begin at 2 pm EST and End at 4 pm Est. Depending on your life in game.

When signing up tell what side you wish to fly and what pipeline you wish to fly...a squadron may sign up as a group, but have an HQ officer give the list of pilots who intend to fly.


1st Half of Flanders Air War is completed..

So for the first half the swap war

Total scores are...





S! to all who flew!!!

Will hold the swap match in two weeks!

For a complete list of the scores stop by raf209squadron.net and visit our forums under Flanders Air War (IL2)

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