325th Documentary Part 1 is out

Three years in the making, part 1 is now available.

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Very cool nicely done! Big Grin


Wow, just wow!

Does it have Il-2 stuff or is it historical footage only?

It has both.

Mostly it is a documentary in the real sense. Interviews with veterans, actual archive never seen black and white as well as color film was found. IL2 is used as CGI when deemed appropriate.

It's taken three years of work, research and endless hours of Il2 filming (each making their own track) to allow Mystic to pick the shots he needed.

Additionally all skins used n the CGI are different in some way as not to have clones. For instance, if you look at the Ranger sequence you will notice most of the aircraft are in the very early livery with the US flag on the fuselage. Then sometime after the flag was removed then mush later the standard checks were applied. All in all between Part 1 and Part 2 we have around 400 mb of skins that were specifically created for this documentary with more being created for part 2.

During the holidays I will be releasing all the skins used for Part 1 of the Checkertails documentary. After Part 2 is released, those skins will be released as well.

Thanks to all the guys.

I am really looking forward to viewing this soon. Having three uncles who served in WW2 makes this extra special to me.


MP posted to BlipTV


Monguse Wrote:MP posted to BlipTV


I highly recommend viewing this documentary film about the "Checkertail Clan".


I just started watching it, looks great so far Big Grin

Great up until the bit with the faked photo showing Voss' Fokker Triplane with a checkerboard marking. It never had that scheme.

A fantastic movie . Lots of details and great editing. I really enjoyed every minute of it !

Congtratulations to the creators . Top notch work Smile

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