New mods in the v4.0

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WOW very nice Smile
Thank you Freddy and lebig.


Fixed today:
Bombs are active in a normal dropping.
Added some crafts for stationary
Corrected exhaust smokes for Fw190D (to be confirmend online)
Reload 000_Korea_Zuti and 000_Korea.
Waiting for other misfits or bugs!

Hi Freddy and lebig, it would be good if you could make this mod
Also to work with the new 4.10.1 so you have two 4.09 and 4.10.1
More people will be going to 4.10.1 over time this is why I say this.
Just my thinking.


Hi Deutchmark
Sorry for the fans of 4.101, but it is not our wish to adapt the mod for 4.10.
For commercial reasons, 1C catched the DT, and DT built a retrograded pack of mods. I do not want to open a discussion on this subject, every modder or team of modders is free of their own choice. Let the gamers decide on wich version(s) they want to play.

We don't want to waste time to adapt Histo to this version of Il2. Histo is a too big mod and add-on mods.
In additional, we don't support any sort of integration or changes in Histo to 4.101, we try to support Histo on 4.09 and it is not so easy!!
That's our choice, let the future decide for the rest!

Hi lebig, ok I can agree and respect your choice. Smile


Fixed today
Tu2S, Po2,PBN, MiG15Bis problem of QMB.
Changed one old weapon slot for F84G3

Fixed on 24 feb:
F9F5 load correction
Forgotten countries corrections.
Added f86 f35
added skins for F86F35 here: (Il2/PaintSchemes/skins/ here

Fixed on 25 feb:
Sea hurricane Ib hook (this is a UP bug, don't take the use I have to fix them!!! Big Grin )
Add: some fuel tanks on F51 Histo
Hope fixed (definitively) the Seahurricane game crash at 30%.

Hi Lebig,

Thanks for those informations ;o)

Do you know if in V4.0, planes such as Wellington, Lancaster, AC47... made by SAS will work with bombbay doors ? In fact I had a discussion with Freddy some months ago, I gave him a list of added planes with which Bombay doors couldn't open (I played with HISTOMOD V3.0).
He answered me it was normal because Java Code had not been done for those planes. He also told me it would be update with next version...
Do you have more informations ?

Thanks ;o)


Hi LeBigTed (good nickname Big Grin )
All the aircrafts in the V4.0 are sentiv to "bomb bay doors" or "master arm"
I have passed some time in the class files!.
For the moment it is not schedule to add new aircrafts. The reason is simple: HistoMod is very huge, due to the changes, if we had new aircrafts (even if they are interresting) the size of the mod will be too great and we will not able to play with due to prohibitiv time of loading!
Waiting for SFS compilation for that, but we have not.
See you

Hi LeBig ;o)

Thanks for your answer ;o)

I understood that it is a lot of work to add new class files for each time a new plane is added, in order to 'homogénéiser le mod pack' ;o)

This is normal after all, it's a lot of work and you can't update this huge work for only one or 2 new planes !!! ;o)

Nice to see you here, I really enjoyed when I saw Deutschmark created a new section for you forum !!!

Cheers !!!


Et transmet le Bonjour à Freddy et toute l'équipe d'HISTOMOD de la part d'un fervent amateur et supporter !!!! C'est un super boulot que vous accomplissez là !!!!!!!


On 26 feb:
Fixed: aileron trim command and default position for F9
Close canopies for Bf 109 k series (could crash your game).
reload 000_Korea.
have a look at the beginning of this post to know the last folders in use.

Hi lebig, a question, no one has thought to optimize the old Freddy's Cockpits to 512 X 512.

Hi Ton
Heu.... niet!

Add on 27 feb

Added some weapons slots on F86F35
Corrected the number of bullets for each 050 gun.

Change your 000_Korea

Change Paintschemes and add-on Paintschemes, no need to re upload if it is done on the first time! Only lite folders!

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