Sidewinder Lock-on

Im having trouble getting the missle to lock on. I get the first sound but never the second. I hold "B" down for 30 seconds but still no joy. Any ideas on what im doing wrong?

I like this MOD , but its going to get spendy..LOL..I just ordered a saitek x52 . The PRO is a bit out of reach.
Thanks for the help.

I'm not familiar with the inner workings of the histomod however since they were based off an earlier missile code that was developed into the missile system in 1956 I would say that this probably applies... You don't have to hold down b. You press it once to switch between different modes. On/Off/Auto. In on mode you should hear the sound, if not then keep going through the modes until you get the sound. Then if you are within decent range of the target and they are quite directly infront of you then you can get a lock sound.

The rest that I'll mention here may not apply to histomod as it's an earlier version of the code but it might be helpful I don't know. You need to be behind the target unless it's a piston aircraft. You can't be pulling over 2G for the AIM-9 or the missile will be a dud. Useful flight envelope range is around 700m to 2500m. Any further or closer and it's not very useful.

Thanks Raptor, I guess i wiil just have to play with it a while and see what happens.

Quietly right Raptor!
Press one time your command to prepare your missile. During 30 sec don't touch again this command (I never touch again during all the flight, we have no limitation on missile readyness instead of the real one). After this time your missile is ready, activate your master arm.If it find some target you will have the first sound , and as soon as it has a firing solution, you will have the second sound. Fire but even you are locked on, you are not sure to kill at 100%.
PK is around 10/12% depending on your "g" factor, manoeuvers of the target and some factors.
Good luck!

WOW !! That Mig didnt have a chance...LOL. Thank you both very much.

I did it like you suggested LeBig and it worked great !!
Im not sure but I think that when i turned master arm on before sidewinder,
that might have messed me up. Gonna hit "B" right after "G" now.

Have a very good one guys.

Love this HistoMod 4.0. F86,Panther and Cougar have always been favorites.

Gotta practice landings tho, have many more take-offs than walk away landings Big Grin
Do run-for-your-life landings count.

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