V4.5 Folders size and contain

Here you can check the newest updates for HistoMod V4.5

[Image: nouvelleimager.png]

Bonjour lebig,

I had a look at your files and made a MD5 Checksum with my downloaded files:

000_HistoMod_Zuti.7z C06CEFC39A9672826DCB81A496C5E871
000_HistoMod.7z 33E8F359C36EA9094CF92DB21E5751E3
000_HistoMod_Aircrafts.7z A4B0360EBA1AE0366C4ED1D61579E430
000_HistoMod_Effects.7z 06675E52F687E1F01A8A6AFD5E19E3E6
000_HistoMod_Maps.7z 35838C6E60F92409923F7ED279B7D7C9
000_HistoMod_Ships.7z 5E163F6158A083418FD10BD9A40E274F
000_HistoMod_Sounds.7z E77455A509BFCCB525114FF7D35376BA
000_HistoMod_Weapons.7z 0894DFC8588AA56206DA81A7FAC3A43B
000_HistoMod_Cockpits.7z FB9EBBF5CD8F472F683242D0CB1B7883
001_Aircraft_Cockpits_I.7z 312F6500F2E524B0E7C37E336578F59C
001_Aircraft_Cockpits_II.7z 0B95AAE1A3107EDE031775823DF5D364
001_Aircraft_Cockpits_III.7z 3424F9634EF0B80A4226DA0721F7E22E
001_Me109_Cockpits.7z F6E076C99A4C9D59EDDF3F1183944AC8
001_P47_Cockpits.7z 325B2574227D51983218B6872F5E763A
001_P51_Cockpits.7z BBC04B2CA4FA3AE01FDA12939EA2F988
000_HistoMod_wide_screen.7z 6BBCC47B75F8C9170E63B8A2BB91B868
002_New_aircrafts_Add_on.7z F4796E78178ABA4BF8FE9EFB291A29F5
002_Early_Bf_109_Add_on.7z E26E4656387CB629EFB641B6AC99E8DD
PaintSchemes_HistoMod_I.7z DF20D23989A5C2B44D94349D7189E73A
PaintSchemes_HistoMod_II.7z 4F540B66AF7677325CFEA5E399A7452C
PaintSchemes_HistoMod_III.7z 02F514C8FF5331237E2321BC53DEAFEE

When I compared your list with my files I had 4 differences:

000_HistoMod_Maps.7z 3840 instead of 3480 files (maybe just transposed numbers)
000_HistoMod_wide_screen.7z 5 instead of 4 files

001_Me109_Cockpits.7z 1603 instead of 1604 files
001_P51_Cockpits.7z 771 instead of 792 files

I didn't installed them so far. Maybe it is a bit more precise to use MD5 Checksum?
There you can find a English software for MD5 Checksum:
http://www.soft-ware.net/service/suche. ... =downloads

You may have a look?

Anyway, thank you very much for your new Update and hard work! You're amazing! :Smile)

Jambo :wink:

Hum, strange!!
You are right on maps, I make an inversion, but for the others, the number of files is right!
Thanks for the soft, but it doesn't say the same values!! Strange, strange...?

lebig Wrote:....Thanks for the soft, but it doesn't say the same values!! Strange, strange...?

:-? Do you mean all of them?
Mh. I will download them again - and take my time!
I'm sure we find a solution! 8)

Jambo :wink:

Hi lebig,

I did everything again....... same result!

All numbers are the same! And even this MD5 check....

000_HistoMod_Zuti.7z C06CEFC39A9672826DCB81A496C5E871 C06CEFC39A9672826DCB81A496C5E871
000_HistoMod.7z 33E8F359C36EA9094CF92DB21E5751E3 33E8F359C36EA9094CF92DB21E5751E3
000_HistoMod_Aircrafts.7z A4B0360EBA1AE0366C4ED1D61579E430 A4B0360EBA1AE0366C4ED1D61579E430
000_HistoMod_Effects.7z 06675E52F687E1F01A8A6AFD5E19E3E6 06675E52F687E1F01A8A6AFD5E19E3E6
000_HistoMod_Maps.7z 35838C6E60F92409923F7ED279B7D7C9 35838C6E60F92409923F7ED279B7D7C9
000_HistoMod_Ships.7z 5E163F6158A083418FD10BD9A40E274F 5E163F6158A083418FD10BD9A40E274F
000_HistoMod_Sounds.7z E77455A509BFCCB525114FF7D35376BA E77455A509BFCCB525114FF7D35376BA
000_HistoMod_Weapons.7z 0894DFC8588AA56206DA81A7FAC3A43B 0894DFC8588AA56206DA81A7FAC3A43B
000_HistoMod_Cockpits.7z FB9EBBF5CD8F472F683242D0CB1B7883 FB9EBBF5CD8F472F683242D0CB1B7883
001_Aircraft_Cockpits_I.7z 312F6500F2E524B0E7C37E336578F59C 312F6500F2E524B0E7C37E336578F59C
001_Aircraft_Cockpits_II.7z 0B95AAE1A3107EDE031775823DF5D364 0B95AAE1A3107EDE031775823DF5D364
001_Aircraft_Cockpits_III.7z 3424F9634EF0B80A4226DA0721F7E22E 3424F9634EF0B80A4226DA0721F7E22E
001_Me109_Cockpits.7z F6E076C99A4C9D59EDDF3F1183944AC8 F6E076C99A4C9D59EDDF3F1183944AC8
001_P47_Cockpits.7z 325B2574227D51983218B6872F5E763A 325B2574227D51983218B6872F5E763A
001_P51_Cockpits.7z BBC04B2CA4FA3AE01FDA12939EA2F988 BBC04B2CA4FA3AE01FDA12939EA2F988
000_HistoMod_wide_screen.7z 6BBCC47B75F8C9170E63B8A2BB91B868 6BBCC47B75F8C9170E63B8A2BB91B868
002_New_aircrafts_Add_on.7z F4796E78178ABA4BF8FE9EFB291A29F5 F4796E78178ABA4BF8FE9EFB291A29F5
002_Early_Bf_109_Add_on.7z E26E4656387CB629EFB641B6AC99E8DD E26E4656387CB629EFB641B6AC99E8DD
PaintSchemes_HistoMod_I.7z DF20D23989A5C2B44D94349D7189E73A DF20D23989A5C2B44D94349D7189E73A
PaintSchemes_HistoMod_II.7z 4F540B66AF7677325CFEA5E399A7452C 4F540B66AF7677325CFEA5E399A7452C
PaintSchemes_HistoMod_III.7z 02F514C8FF5331237E2321BC53DEAFEE 02F514C8FF5331237E2321BC53DEAFEE

Now (or a bit later) I will install it - and see what happens! 8)
I'll tell you then.

Jambo :wink:

Bonsoir lebig,

I think I will delete all my posts... :-?

Believe it or not - I installed everything like before with V4.0 - and it's working! Big Grin

So I really don't know where or what the different is between your list and the files I downloaded?
Most important - it works so far!

Thank you very much to you and your team! S!

Jambo :wink:

Hi Jambo
I think the soft is a little bit crazy!
If you open the "ecran wide" there are only 4 files inside, and the soft gives 5! It is the same for the other bigger folders!?!
Crazy, all the world is crazy...

First fix for V4.5
Fix Spit XVI series with Hispano canons.
Fix Tempest V "defauly"
Reload 000_HistoMod

Second fix on the 26 of march:
Correction of Il10 mass, now the AI can take off without any problem.

Reload 000_HistoMod

Third fix on 27 of march:
fix sound for I15, dive-speed for I15 and I16. Fix the bug in the buttons for the "inflight" start-up for some engines.

Reload 000_HistoMod

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