1/35 Leopard 2 A6 Revell

[Image: 42d25d61ce1db05c83525499d986a5e184fcd048...4b556g.jpg]
[Image: 144baef297640ca1f510e395895858c16f77d5df...46986g.jpg]
[Image: 0091f288d3e406d61100bdebd38bd6d5f0130765...f5376g.jpg]
[Image: 99ab484e01d70502cf6701bb3025a29d4cee4206...1f456g.jpg]

I received this kit as a birthday gift. Not only is this my first large scale model, but also my first tank model ever. So no review this time! :oops:

I can only say that, besides the detail level (adequate to the scale), I found the overall fitting to be very good (some pieces were just snap-ons) and the building process easier than I expected.

Nevertheless, I admit I had a hard time making it because, maybe due to the different plastic, my usual glue failed to fix parts properly. :evil: Whatever the reason, assembled pieces tended to detach very easily. I had to glue many of them twice, with several attempts to build small parts and extreme caution required in handling the whole thing.

Now I need to relax with a dear ol' 1/72, easy-build bird! :wink:

Great work, make a tank is one of my outstanding tasks...so I can do no more to say that it is good work...

Good Work Old Boy ;o)

Nice Tank, very nice done !


Great work you did there Big Grin


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