[BETA Test] Unarmed Fi-156

This is my first mod, two versions of Fi-156, the first one has a passenger (gun removed and gunner in the same direction as the pilot) and a version without the passenger (pilot only).
I've done it for UP3.0RC4, please check other versions and report bugs you'll have.

No cockpits are modified.

Check to SaS for the mod : http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/t ... 384.0.html

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=26295&d=1315382431]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=26296&d=1315382431]

Nicely done top work! Smile
I put this here where its for 4.10+ and off site.


I've only tested on UP3 RC4, so I need some testers to try on other versions.

godzyla Wrote:I've only tested on UP3 RC4, so I need some testers to try on other versions.

Get in contact with;
Charlie Chap, from HSFX,
And lebig, from Histomod,
And you might ask them to test it in their mod packs as well, I know
Histomod is 4.09 and you might think about doing it for both 4.09 & 4.10.


I've looked it a little, I think it should work fine everywhere.
Congratulations godzyla. :wink:

Habia trabajado en el Ju-52 pero tengo un problema con la 3D y habia cogido construir un avion y pienso que es una solucion interesante y util porque pienso que no hay otros Mods con esta avion.

Hace dos años que no habia escrito en español.

I've already worked on Ju-52 but I have a problem with 3d plane so I've decided to work on an other plane (this one), I think it this mod will be useful for unarmed recons, I've never seen any mods for this plane.

I'm sorry for my bad spanish writing.

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