And, this one?

What do you think about this?
[Image: kb29m2.jpg]
[Image: kb29m1.jpg]

I think that is one BIG flying gas station :OO :Smile)


Nice work!


Quote:I think that is one BIG flying gas station
Big Grin

lol, supergas from the bikinis, wonderful... Confusedhock: :roll: :lol:

with three.... Confusedhock: Oh, forgot: Bing Bang... :mrgreen:

Very nice lebig! Big Grin

Get three F100 behind and I will pass out! :lol:

Thank you very much for sharing!

Jambo :wink:

Confusedhock: Incredible !!!! :OO :OO

Can't wait to refuel !!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Ted Big Grin

How do you pay at the pump, I can't see the slot for my card!!! lol Big Grin

You mean your plane don't have that new VISA sidewinder card... Confusedhock:
Well then you will have to go to the next filling station in hostel airspace
Where they take your tail number down and you can pay when you get back... 8)
If you get back that is.... :OO

Deutschmark :mrgreen:

Get the TOP refueling story of all times: ... 34&t=33779 Confusedhock:

Can these B-29s refuel themselves ? Ha ! Ha! :wink:

Good improvement ! ( That's 3 x times more chances of big crashing midair and fireworks ! ) Big Grin

Sure Nadia we can!
But there is no utility for the moment, as in the real past that were only tests.
Add a probe, a hook and some codes in the files (less than one hour work,I think)
If someone want to do this I can pass him the folder with the entire aircraft and the files.

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