South West Europe scenery VSF

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At last, after many months in the works, here is my scenery for South West Europe. It covers the entire territory of Spain, Portugal and some areas of South France, Morocco and Algeria. It's a very dense scenery with tons of objects, "AI" traffic, sounds, etc... so you need a computer with 4Gb of RAM. If your system has less RAM than that, there is a chance the sim will crash when you load the scenery. In that case, you can still load the sceneries for Azores, Madeira and the Canary islands. Please read the PDF that is included for tips on how to have a good performance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoied making it. Now its time for me to relax for a while, sail and fly and early next year I'll release a new scenery, Hawaii islands.

The minimal scenery can be downloaded below, size on disk is 600 MB, Including 1 scenery area, 8 saved situations.

The full scenery can be downloaded below, size on disk is 2 GB, Including 11 scenery areas, 28 saved situations.

365.0 MB ( smaller textures + original textures )

423.0 MB ( larger textures + custom textures )

best regards,

WOW! this is a absolutely stunning scenery map, am like WOW!!!!!!! Confusedhock:
Thank you so much for your GREAT work Javier. Big Grin


p.s. note about performance, if your computer is struggling with texture memory ( i know mine did with only 2 GB of RAM on my lower end PC) you need to reduce object density on the land options, reduce to 30% and visibility to 5000 meters, this did the trick with my lower end PC, however all textures are there, all work as i have seen is perfect and intact.

Hello, jafergon

A movie is in my plans. For about two years, I have been waiting for a nice map in this part of the world for sea and coastal scenes in my movie and here you present it! Big Grin I have to upgrade to a computer with the graphics to handle everything that I need to do because of the map and also high demand content which I will place in it for the movie. This laptop which I use has only 3GB of RAM, but there are many things which I need to complete before I am ready to use your wonderful map.

I will show you my movie when it is published in 2013 or early 2014.

Thank you very much! Big Grin


Hi jafergon,

thank your very much for your hard work and sharing with us.
It is a great and beautifully done scenery! 8)

Just a quick peek:

[Image: algeciras.jpg]

Jambo :wink:

Very nice screenshot! Throughout the proccess of creating the scenery I always used that particular corner in the harbor of Algeciras with Gibraltar on the background to test the results of every change I made in textures, models etc Smile

BTW I look forward to seeing that video.


Looks very nice!
But were do i install it? I got two modded il2, one with Ultrapack and one with HSFX history mod.
Sorry for being dumb i guess. :-?

Its not for IL2 Confusedhock:
Its for VSF another game! Confusedhock:
Please look at the forum you are in :OO

Deutschmark :mrgreen:

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