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Aaaaaaaaa... I've had it !!! Big Grin :mrgreen: :Smile) :wink:

Ted ;o)

Planemad Wrote:Don't worry ted it isn't true :lol:


...yet! :OO :mrgreen:

Serpiko Wrote:
Planemad Wrote:Don't worry ted it isn't true :lol:


...yet! :OO :mrgreen:

Right!!! :wink:
It will be the same as RoF, you will pay for planes, maps, field mods and weapons mods, only be able to use their server and no modding of any of the things they sell, you will see.


If you've right DM,
I will have no interest with BOS.

We will see, but a battle of stalingrad with payable planes... :-?

LeBigTed Wrote:We will see, but a battle of stalingrad with payable planes... :-?

How about Il-2 sturmovik with playable planes :| :|



Here the 1C channel.

A lot of great stuff, I like the way 'how they do it', it is amazing ;o)

Ted :mrgreen:

Here the new IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad - Pre-Order Trailer at

stuka_40 Wrote:Here the new IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad - Pre-Order Trailer at

Yep and then you start BUYING your aircraft. NO THANKS I did that with Rof

Hi there

Was going to make a new thread about this but I see your discussing it in here.

So pricing will be $49.99 (£32.50, €38.00) for STANDARD EDITION and $89.99 (£58.50, €68.00)for PREMIUM EDITION.
( currency conversions for £ & € done on http://www.xe.com at Mid-market rates: 2013-07-28 23:46 UTC )


8 aircraft (LaGG-3 (series 29), Bf-109 F-4, IL-2 AM-38 (1942 year's model, single-seat), Ju-87 D-3, Pe-2 (series 87 and 110) and He-111 H-6, Yak-1 and Bf-109 G-2) (these last two you can earn in game or buy them I guess if you can't be assed to play the missions to get them).
beta access in winter 2013.
a Silver IL-2 Sturmovik logo in the community forum.


the same 8 aircraft + 2 extra aircraft La-5 and FW-190 A-3.
beta access in autumn 2013.
a Gold IL-2 Sturmovik logo in the community forum.
a special label inside the game interface next to your nickname which other player's can see in multiplayer.

so for $40 extra you get 2 pay to win aircraft if you was looking at it from a war thunder view, some gold pixels and even more gold pixels, but these even more gold pixels are special as they will attract every one on the server your on into wanting to shoot you down.

If you couldn't tell sarcasm mode was turned on for that last bit.

Any way here's there twitter feed and some vid's;


Loft Shows off some GFX engine features and some vehicles


Mastiff and I discuss things we experienced at the 1CGS il2 media party

I will not get it. This Pay Per View / Payable DLCs really irritates me... :evil:

Definitely I prefer when you have a game with a lot of planes included. This is more attractive.

A battle of Stalingrad without Chaikas, I16, Po2...


After the big crash of BoB, this will announce a small crash for BoS. The quality MUST be on rendez-vous if they want to have some players.
RoF is working with the same system, I am not sure there are millions of benefits (I hope for them), and as many players as Il2 without mods.
Really bad news, I think the gamers prefer to pay a little bit more and have a greater choice in maps, planes and other mobiles.
For the cost they said, I think it is a very few service!
I am so sorry, but this game is not for me, I think Il2 and its free mods is not yet dying!

Effectively, I think they have stopped IL2 BOB very quickly, may be to quickly.

According to me, this Buisness Strategy (I mean ROF's one, with PPV contents, forum to get feedbacks, and goodies for users) seems to be very profitable.

Here an anecdote : I have a friend who is working at Blizzard. In World Of Warcraft, which have millions users who pay 10/20 € Monthly, there is only 28% of the benefits given by those monthly subscription. 72% are given by all the goodies you can buy to improve your gameplay (new experiments points, new characters, new things...).

The pros: thanks to a forum with a good administration team you can developp the things waited by the users, and so you answer the demand.
On the other hand: you risk at any time to see your customers growing tired as they are waiting a lot of things quickly (especially if you only give them 8 planes with the game).

Definitely, I am convinced that a game with lot of maps, lot of flyable planes, lot of campaigns/missions, lot of objects, lot of mods... will get more fans and customers than a simulation with PPV contents.


Your probable right in some ways LeBigTed that they stopped IL2 BoB development to quickly, because on paper IL-2 BoB (Cliffs of Dover) is a better engine then the IL-2 BoS engine (which is any updated RoF engine), but as we know IL-2 BoB is not a better engine as it was a mess at launch and still not working right even though at the time they hired people to help patch and fix BoB.

This is where I think the RoF engine came in because some of the people they hired to help with BoB after launch where people who had or was working on RoF engine and they might of said some thing like this; that IL-2 BoB engine is a mess and to fix it going to take some (a long) time and (lots of) money, on the other hand you have the RoF engine witch is basically the same thing but it works and all you would have todo to make a WW2 sim is add some code and 3D models etc...

There's probably other reasons as well but I do understand why they might of made the switch and I think your right about the business strategy that's why all most every ones doing it now lol

SimHQ IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad Preview


Oh look a new Il2 series game. Big Grin Hope this one does better than Cliffs of Dover. Make your own opinions and discuss away.

camm. Confusedhock:

Just got in from work and see they have posted news in the Developer Diary about when the early access beta will start and future pricing.

The early access beta will open to owner's of the Premium Edition some time after November 11th, which is also the end for pre-order's.

After that date they will only offer Premium Edition for the price of $94.99, until spring 2014 when the game is due to launch. Then the prices will be $59,99 for Standard edition and $99,99 for Premium edition.

http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168 ... entry39062

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