News from version 6 Histomod

Some news from the next version:
still in 4.09, but only HistoMod, no need other pack or mod! You will have the greatest plane set, ship set, object set of all the web.You will have the new and last 3D Me109 cockpits by Freddy. All the aircraft have been fixed (even the stock one) in the details, in the class files. We try to give a 99,9% no bug game. There is still a mod folder (in case of) but no beta test guys have found a (main) missing mod in this version!
Still a couple of months and this can be yours!

[Image: histom.jpg]

To be continued.

Thank you Lebig and histo team Big Grin
You guys make a GREAT game.


Outstanding! Keep up the good work! Big Grin


Hi Lebig,

Wishing you and all Histo Community the best for 2013 !!!!!!

Thanks for sharing updates, and keep it up on the good work as Clinton said ;o)

Histo has always been and is still the best IL2 Mod-Pack for me ;o)

Ted Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Some new planes:
[Image: p47c5.jpg]
P47C5/ 200Gal tank
[Image: meteorrkts.jpg]
Israeli Meteor with 8 Rkts (we have 16 and 24 Rkts loads also)
[Image: meteorbombes.jpg]
Meteor from 377Sqn in Korea with 1000Lbs (we have other loading in reserve!)
[Image: ju388.jpg]
Ju388 recce version only
[Image: arsenalvg33.jpg]
Arsenal VG33 (great improvements were done)
[Image: a36t.jpg]
A36 (P51 first version withe airbrakes and some other goodies)
All these aircraft will be correctly and politely credited in the new read me and in a special folder at the root of the game.
To be continued...

Very nice them planes look great Big Grin


Looking very good - nice details. Big Grin


Definitely Histo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

S !!!

Ted ;o)

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