Luftwaffe Helicopter

by Ecto and CWatson

A "what if" helicopter of Luftwaffe, for fun...Any resemblance to real choppers is purely coincidental... Big Grin

[Image: Libelle_zpsd795c0a7.jpg]


copy/paste the folder Libelle into your #DBW or Mods folder, and add to air.ini the line of readme

409 and 410 FM included! (410 by default)

Thank you very much to:
CWatson for classfiles and new slot
GJE52 and SANI, authors of the Bell
SKIPPER for the mod Gyroman

if you want test it on a WWII ship, try this:
it will transform the ship Fiji into a ship with a Heli Deck. You'll can only land, not take off, and once landed you must put chokes immediately.

Thank you very much to Asheshouse for the Fiji ship, stock in #DBW but also available as single download


Nicely done thank you Ectoflyer and CWatson and all involved Big Grin


Hi EctoFlyer,

Thanks for sharing, it looks really great !!

Ted Big Grin

A comment on the HMS Fiji model (Colony Class Light Cruiser).
It is also included as stock in HSFX6
Most of the original model (LOD0) was by Melissa.
My involvement was to add a few details and create the additional meshes required for IL-2

Adding the flight deck is not too far from reality. The later Tiger Class were really improved versions of the same cruiser type and two of these were fitted with hangers and flight decks. (HMS Tiger, HMS Blake).

I am currently working on a new K Class German Light Cruiser. One of those, the Koln, was fitted with a flying off platform for testing the early Flettner helicopters.


German engineers obviously did their part with excellence.

Thank you guys for the historical and fictional models! Big Grin


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