IL-2 loses a buddy

Gentlemen, Salute! It has been a longtime, I regret to inform you of some bad news. Back on April 18th of this year, my father David Babarovich passed away in his sleep. My father's IL-2 callsign was Snitchy, many of you knew him from the old AAA server. He'll be sorely missed. Causes are unknown as of now, but my father was a recovering drug addict who started to become clean once again.

Driving to and from my grandmother's house the day after I turned on one of his favorite songs, "Take it to the Limit" by the Eagles.

'So put me on a highway
And show me a sign
And take it to the limit one more time'

RIP Dad.

[Image: EAAAirventure2011PartOne056_zps2abf615b.jpg]

I also come bearing some information that his gained some attention to my photography/digital media work, a group of friends and I are collaborating on a WWII short film project titled "Thunder From Heaven". It is focused on the 17th Airborne Division and their partaking Operation Varsity, the last major battle on the Western front during the Second World War in March of 1945. With special thanks to my dad who got me into my area of interest, and being one of the people who talked me into doing this.

[Image: 9713570825_d130166d17_b.jpg] (It's my photography page, giv' er' a like)
"Thunder From Heaven", an independent short film presented by Pursuit Pix.

Plot: American soldiers of the 17th Airborne Division embark on the largest airborne operation in the last few months of WWII, with the ring being closed around Germany they must fight as brothers in arms to survive.

Tagline: Those Things Which are Precious are Only Saved by Sacrifice. - David Kenyon Webster

Documentary Opening:

Muzzle Flash Test:

One minute teaser trailer:

Photos from the filming:
[Image: 9627951176_420745f29e_b.jpg]
[Image: 9716825048_4380259a6c_b.jpg]
[Image: 9716821942_1c9e9bd654_b.jpg]


I remember the call-sign "Snitchy". All Aircraft Arcade was so busy back in the day, so I share some common memories with you.

It's sad to read about the loss of your father, but I am happy that you choose to cherish the memories of him. May we all fly in the Great Sky together with your father.

"Band of Brothers" main theme came to my mind after watching that fine trailer.


Hi Doodle,

Sad news you give us here.. I remember the flight you have won and have flown on B25 with your father and the epic photographies you (and he) have (has) taken on board (and the one which was taken to illustrate a P51 book).

We will keep a good memory of your father, 'a good old AAA member' ;o)


Hi Doodle,

Sorry to hear of your and your family's lost we will keep you and your family in our prayers.

I wish you good luck with your WWII short film project, it looks good so far form what I can see, looking foreword to the final of it.


Sorry to hear the loss of your father.

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