Kawanishi E7K1/E7K2

Kawanishi type94 E7K1/2 "Alf"

THE Kawanishi e7k alf was a scout boarded launchable from both Seaplane tender and cruisers, introduced in 1935 in the version with in-line engine, and in 1938 in the version with radial engine, used until 1943 as a reconnaissance and convoy escort ,in Sino Japanese war also played the role of support in counter-insurgency operations.

Quote:[Image: xx5afsfnpy03ocx6g.jpg][Image: 3j1xosc2ssrs13a6g.jpg]

you need DiffFM.

For 4.09 users change the FM with the FM in -409fm folder

Credits:For the H60 seaplane mod base: Slot and Floating COnversion: Aiko/Reaper 3-1
Original Mod: Dreamk

Credits for new slot,weapon class,class,FM and Java,loadout, cockpit reposition:CWatson
Credit for default skin Archie71
Credit for 3D model Gio963TTo

update 10/08 for download url is :http://www.mediafire.com/download/tam27tu9h4rgavz/Kawanishi+E7K+Alf.rar

greetins Gio.

Very cool I like them 30's bi-planes, nice work Gio and all involved Big Grin
Thank you.


Like every force in WW2, the Japanese needed slow moving and very stable aircraft to look through the scopes for the enemy. Mission builders and online gurus will really appreciate this and the rest will enjoy more target options in their gunsights. :twisted:


The new default skin

[Image: bzo1.jpg]
[Image: tnp1.jpg]


another nice Big Grin
Thank you again.


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