SFS Packer For IL2

SFS Packer from Aviaskins;

(Citation from Aviaskins)
Arseny, for his hard work and the creation of the archiver.

Thanks to all that helped;
MAXHO, izgoj, sokol, ZloyPetrushkO,
- = RedS =-Falcon, carsmaster, Koloksay,
Karabas-Barabas, Kant, Greif11

Also thanks to;
Luigi Auriemma, for his original SFS scripts *

Original thread at Aviaskins;
Thank you to all involved for this great tool and making it available to the IL2 community.
If someone is not mentioned please let me know by PM and I will add them.

How to use the tool;

How to use SFS packer.
Unzip content of archive to some suitable place.
Wrapper from archive, place to game root directory.

How to prepare your mod for archiving.
Create folder named 1, that is your working container. After, place folder 3do and heshes to folder 1.

Start your SFS archiving application. Press F1 and choose folder 1.
And F2 key starts process of archiving. When appears dialogue save as- give to your SFS short name without spaces. After long hours of waiting you recive desired fruits.

How to use new SFS archive?
Found in root directory folder named-Files and place your newly created SFS there.
In "Files" you must have nameless file with extension (.rc)- open it with Notepad.
After you must add name of your SFS to load list in (.rc) file - like that:
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps09p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps10.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps10p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps11.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps12.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps12p.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps13.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps14.sfs
@sfs MOUNT fb_maps15.sfs


Save changes.

Start Game


After repeat it again and again untill all your mods from Mods folder migrate to Files.
But in reduced to 1/3 size.
Additional instructions;

(simpler way: you don't need to have a "Files" folder with .rc in it):

How to add a SFS file named, let's say, mymods1.sfs:

1) you choose Mods to pack with command "load files" and then you press "create sfs"

2) then you copy the SFS that you made (and named mymods1.sfs) in the main directory of Il2 with other SFS

3) then find the .rc file

4) open it with a text editor and add to list:

@sfs MOUNT mymods1.sfs

that's all!

Backup your .rc file before the operation!
You can put the SFS files in any location (folder names without spaces), you only need to specify the route in the file .rc file.
e.g. For the SFS file called Test.sfs, I put this file in this location:

C:\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 4.12.1\MODS\SFS_FILES\Test.sfs

Now, You only need to put the correct entry in the .rc file:


Attention: not use the SFS tool to pack classfiles.


Download SFS Packer;

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