Canvas Knights Video Tutorial 3 - Flying

Good day, everyone

Here is a little tutorial on how to fly in Canvas Knights. Video quality is acceptable but I am no professional, so please just enjoy the information.

Canvas Knights and TeamSpeak both run together with perfect smoothness in my low performance laptop computer. The skips in the video are my own fault. :oops:


Canvas Knights Tutorial 3 - Flying


Hi Clinton,

Thank you very much for taking up the task to create a tutorial video.
May I ask if it's possible to create another version of it without copyright protected music in? Currently here in Germany I'm unable to watch your vid since it's blocked for containing copyright protected music...

Best regards - Mike


YouTube license permits it here in the USA but not some other countries so I will edit this video for you and the sim fans in other nations.

Thank you for the confirmation on that issue as it was not totally clear in the settings results.

New version of this video will be available soon. Smile


Hi Clinton, First thanks for doing these video tutorials, the only thing is please let it be known that your video program your using is a bit demanding along with the game and that the slide show and low FPS that is seen in the video from this is not anything like what CK is like online or off line.
Its more like this when the video cam is not so demanding;

Thank you.

Fireskull Wrote:New version of this video will be available soon. Smile
Thank you very much Clinton, now I can watch the video as well.
Well it's a bit slideshow style indeed but still shows all relevant parts.

Thanks and best regards - Mike

Thank you for putting that in the video Clinton Big Grin
And thank you again for doing these video tutorials!


Big Grin

Thank you, Mike and John. It is always good to receive constructive info, suggestions, critique, etc.

New link here and in the original post:

I re-uploaded the video with good information in text. Big Grin

Let me know how you feel about it, please.


I like the text information in the box's its nice! Big Grin
Hope you can get that video program working where its not so demanding on your PC so you can have a smoother video.


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