Please Read First Before Posting

Before posting a mod download make sure it is in Zip or Rar format, No exe formats please.
You may use the Canvas Knights repository for uploading your mods to then get the link and bring it back here to post it, you can do that here; ... loads5&c=1
You will need to become a member of that site to be able to upload your mods to it.
Remember to when posting your mod here to also post a lease one photo of it as well.

*Make sure you say in your download post if it is a
1, Online & off line vehicle / plane.
2, Off line only vehicle / plane.
You will need to look in the building tutorial forum at building a CK damage model tut so you will know what your vehicle / plane falls under.

*All addon vehicles / planes must be setup properly a full vehicle / plane with damage model and damage textures before posting it, or it may be removed if it is not.

Anything posted here falls under these rules here;

Thank you Smile


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