CK's Etrich Taube Release.

This is my Etrich Taube for Canvas Knights game.

[Image: ETBREA.jpg]
[Image: ETBREB.jpg]
[Image: ETBREC.jpg]
[Image: ETBRED.jpg]
[Image: ETBREE.jpg]

This is a online, off line vehicle / plane.

To install;
Unzip with folder names on, go inside the ( ETB ) folder and drag the ( Etrich_Taube ) folder into your CK game vehicles folder, then add the line in the axis.txt Etrich_Taube and save it.

That's it your done.


Hope you all enjoy the Taube.


Now I would like to say something to you all.
From when Canvas Knights Beta2 modable game came out back in mid Januray 2014 till the release of this Etrich Taube above here in August 2014 we have brought to you;

12 new airplanes.
16 new ground vehicles.
38 new skins.
25 new offline missions.

Now most times you see me say at the end of a new release ( on to the next plane ) but this time I am going to be taking the next two weeks and will be trying to do a CK EXE game update, what I hope to achieve with this update is to unlock the things that have been lock for the beta game while still keeping it a free game to play, the developer still does not have the time to do this and has given me the ok to try this with the method we talked about by e-mail, if I succeed we will have user operated ships, subs, balloons and Zeppelins and all user option tabs opened, if I don't succeed then I will just go back to making more planes and ground vehicles till the developer can find the time.


I levee you with this in game photo, they are a hoot to fly and try to dog fight with in their very slow way, soon the CK mission maker Benge will have a 1 on 1 dog fight for you to play.

[Image: ETBLRODF.jpg]


Downlaoded, i leave to go to fly her ;o)


Thanks again DM. Those planes are really coming out fast. But the quality is still there. Big Grin
KK_deDeville :twisted:

Yes, thank you DM for this great aircraft! Amazing work.


Thank you very much for this great aircraft, Deutschmark! 8)
Looks fantastic!

Jambo Big Grin

Thanks guys glad you like the new Etrich Taube Big Grin

I am working very hard on trying to get a CK update done, so far my eyes are getting blurry and I have made no headway Sad but I will keep at it and see what comes of it.


Just a nice painting I found while making the Taube that I thought I would post.

[Image: TaubeInBattle.jpg]


She is Awesome DM,what a graceful looking Aircraft.
You have done it again Buddy,excellent Quality
work as usual Old Boy ;dd ;dd
Keith :wink:

Thank you Keith glad you like it Big Grin


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