Virunga For VSF

A simple scenery of Virunga National Park, Central Africa. It is my experiment with lakes - Lake Edward, Lake Kivu and Northern part of Lake Tanganyika. You must have "sea level=800" (Options-Graphics-Water) or to use saved situation.

Please read "README.TXT".

[Image: Virunga1.jpg?lgfp=1000]
[Image: Virunga2.jpg?lgfp=3000]


Thanks 8) Ferda Mravenec

Thank you Ferda Mravenec it looks nice! Big Grin


Hi Mravenec

Great great stuff !! This scenary looks fantastic !!!!! I hope to see ETO or PTO soon ;o)

Congratulations Mravenec for the great and hard stuff, and thanks a lot for sharing here !!!

Hats off !!!! 8) 8) :wink:

Ted Big Grin Big Grin

Hello Mravenec,

your map looks like a very nice place for a holiday! :Smile)
Very well done and thank you very much for sharing!

By the way and just absolutely coincidental if I may ask:
you do know Canvas Knights around here, do you?

For that I really would like to have a very nice nifty map like yours!
You know, around 1914-1918 Western front, over
Flanders, France and so on.. and I'm to scared to ask Deutschmark. :oops: :mrgreen: :Smile)
He's up to his ears in his planes...for us :Smile)
Would be awesome and truly great.
But honestly don't feel obliged to make one - just a little dream of me. :mrgreen: 8) Big Grin

Thank you very much once more for this very nice map, Mravenec!

Jambo :wink:

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