CK's Sopwith Dolphin Release.

This is my Sopwith Dolphin for Canvas Knights game.

Factory Skin
[Image: SDRA.jpg]
79 Sq RAF H.E. Snyder
[Image: SDRB.jpg]
19 Sq RAF G.B. Irving
[Image: SDRC.jpg]

This is a online, off line vehicle / plane.

To install;
Unzip with folder names on, go inside the ( SDR ) folder and drag the ( Sopwith_Dolphin ) folder into your CK game vehicles folder, then add the line in the allied.txt Sopwith_Dolphin and save it.

That's it your done.


Hope you all enjoy the Dolphin.


This is the last new plane / vehicle for this year 2014.
I will be working next on Austro Hungarian and Italian planes and vehicles to go along with the new Northern Italy map from Ferda Mravenec and over the next few weeks you will all get your first look at the first new vehicle that will be released for this map shortly after the start of 2015.

Now I would like to give you all some statistics of CK.
Canvas Knights was put out to the public on January 17, 2014 and in that short year the modding community of just a few people have brought you this;

14 new ground vehicles by Mossie, Fireskull and Deutschmark.
2 new tanks by Deutschmark.
2 new battleships by Mossie and Fireskull.
1 new U-boat by Fireskull.
2 new observation balloons by Deutschmark.
18 new off line missions by RAF209 Benge.
41 new skins by checkmysix, Sinbad and Deutschmark.
1 new big map by Ferda Mravenec.
22 new airplanes by Deutschmark.

What a packed year this has been!!!
Lets hope for next year to be just as good if not even better!

And with that I say to all...
Wish you and yours a safe and happy holidays.


Hi Deutschmark,

Thank you very much for this new bird !!! She is very well done, and flyes well ;o)

I would like to thank all the team involved in CK :

Mossie, Fireskull, RAF209 Benge, Checkmysix, Sinbad, Ferda Mravenec and of course you, Deutschmark.

I wish you all a merry X-Mas, and hope the best for you and your projects for 2015 !!!! I wish CK will be a great success !!!!!!!!!!



Thanks for the Dolphin DM! Its a killer.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and the the best for Year 2015.


Big Grin

We got a lot of planes now!
Big Grin


Thanks guys glad your enjoying the Dolphin! Big Grin

Much more to come soon!
Happy holidays :Smile)

Happy Holidays to you too, Deutschmark - and to you all! Big Grin

Thank you so much! That is a marvelous and beautiful aircraft, like all the rest of yours! 8) :Smile)

Will have a flight very soon.

Jambo Big Grin

Thanks for the amazing Dolphin DM, it's really another must have airplane for CK.

Also thank you for your hard work on CK and all the free stuff. Looking forward to 2015.. Smile

Wish you also Happy Holidays!


Thank you Jambo and Marko Big Grin

Happy holidays

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