Tom's small cockpit mods cross posted

Good day gents,

a longer time ago I promised Deutschmark to post a few of my rather noobish mods over here, TBH tonight I remembered and said "can't be, forgot that". Cry

So I corss post the cockpit related stuff I posted at SAS here, it will mostly be compatible for 4.09m and 4.12/4.10.
I also include the Mig-21 pits here to not break my fingers at 02.00 AM hehe, of course for the Mig-21 cockpits you will have to download the basic Mig-21 Mods and related upgrades in the SAS Aircraft Jets section.

For 4.09m, along with good help from PA_Jeronimo and Epervier and many others and inspiration from lebig, I released a stand alone Sabre package. In the SAS 4.09m "Rebels" section. Big Grin


OK, let the copy actions begin, if anything here is offensive or unwillingly porked, feel free to contact me or anyone at SAS and delete the relevant parts or this thread.

I simply wanted to show AAS some respect by copying at least one of my little mods over, since here started my modded IL-2 binge. the dismay of my RL friends hehe. Tongue Big Grin

All directly copied. :oops: I am sorry the fotos did not come over correctly, I could not copy and paste the psotimage links here from SAS and am too tired to search for each pic. Will try to add the pics in tomorrow.

"... ... "
Since I made so many small! but time intensive cockpit mods, I thought about re-uploading and or regrouping them in one thread.None of this would have been doable without PA_Jeronimo, my mesh hero for pits.
These pits may or may not work for various game versions as for e.g. Mustangs! Try and backup!! I did not include 335th_F_Red's gorgeous remeshed and updated pits, these are a stand alone at SAS and also do not work well in DBW or 4.12 IIRC.


No new meshes, but recolour etc.
The folder is the same name as the original SAS~S3 upgrade made for the 2nd Gen Mig-21 thread.
No classfiles, so whatever version of 4S_Vega's new FMs you may use can work.
But these files will override cockpit gauges and layouts from the default Mig-21 2nd Gen install folder named MiG_21 or 0_MiG_21 or whatever.

Both PF and PFM pits now have a black tuned switchboard upper right. Like I saw it on RL shots....e.g.:
[Image: ds_mig_21pfm_cockpit_03.jpg]

PF version with stronger canopy reflection to give the F-16 blister a sort of room/spatial feel from inside.

The PFM version has the same used on the Mig-21MF/bis/s-I find that one a little more immersive.
Also the colour was tuned and the black switchboard right of the radar added.
All pits use the version without animated radar because that one still has the bug with missing switches.

Also I tuned the saturation and added a (..) gauge shine.

That one worked better on my P-38 improvement.

SAS~S3, Texx, vpmedia and anyone listed in the Mig thread.
"Cockpit 3D by SAS~S3 (based on CsoCso's original work)
Class work by SAS~Anto, Wasted, SAS~S3 and Sani
RP-21 Radar Implementation by Wasted

Cockpit Textures by Vpmedia, Texx and Wasted"

[Image: 2015_05_23_at_00_34_54.jpg]

[Image: 2015_06_29_at_01_24_14.jpg]

Link: ... MiG_21.rar

Extra PF version, black one.
Inside folders are some files marked - or -- aka with one or more minus signs in front. Open them and you see what they are, e.g. different panels or pron stuff lol. This counts for all 'my' pit mods.



F-80....Placeholder, pit not finished!
One of several attempts I made.
Base was crazyflak's Shooting Star mod.
PA_Jeronimo: 3D mesh smoothing!
Freddy: Original F-86 seat mesh and textures. :-* Love the red one.
Unknown: Canopy reflection I used to modify colours.
NonWonderDog-reticles IIRC.
mfisch2004, maybe some files used here.
Me-Mirror repositioning and resizing after Rl shot(s).
Canopy colours inside.
Grouping of some textures.
Anyone I forgot!
[Image: 2015_03_07_at_13_06_41.jpg]

Link ... 80pit!.rar



P-51A/B/C and Ds...
Dedicated P-51A pit WIP!
PA_Jeronimo-> all new meshes
me, rest, some texture recolouring, adding reflection inside cockpit, tuning front shields.
Note: Another extra front shield tint for P-51As, WIP cockpit underway as soon as some levers are rounded up.
I researched all front shields for all versions and got them as close as I could do them. I can back up all or most versions with RL shots. But I am not doing it atm..
[Image: grab0008.jpg]

[Image: grab0000.jpg]

[Image: 2015_03_03_at_13_08_55.jpg]

[Image: grab0000.jpg]
[Image: 2014_10_10_at_03_30_49.jpg]

Also more here: ... 948.0.html ... ckpits.rar ... Atint!.rar


P-38, now with new gauges aka a humble try at more glass effect:
Oleg and team-P-38
Team Daidalos-P-38 update
JAMF-one optional high reso panel as base
PA_Jeronimo-mesh fixes and panel edit.
Tom2-panel edits and gauge edits ... ne_mod.rar

See also this thread for canopy reflection option ... 948.0.html

[Image: 2015_05_06_at_22_21_42.jpg]

[Image: 2014_10_10_at_03_03_53.jpg]



F-6Fs and F-4Us:
PA_Jeronimo, all new 3D new meshes.
Cromhunt: F4-U textures
Slikk, F-6F cockpit base.
Me: canopy reflections, tga grouping etc.

Link ... s_F4Us.rar

[Image: grab0007.jpg]

[Image: il2fb_2014_09_14_02_46_42_62.jpg]




W.I.P. work in progress Sabre pit--for 4.10 and 4.12.1/2 with Jet Era modpack.

(Screen from 4.09m version)
[Image: 21_06_2015_16_09_19.jpg]

Jet Era cockpit and blister update!

[Image: 21_06_2015_16_45_17.jpg]

Freddy / 335th_F_Red
PA_Jeronimo-blister and mirror 3D
Aviator Mod Team/SAS
me...+ all the guys mentioned in another (4.09m) thread. Wink

You have an optional mirror hier.him file in the upload.
Mod folder named 0_Jet_Era goes into your Mods folder (#SAS or #DBW or #UP# ...if jet era mod is installed).

Blue grey tex for later Sabre....goes into F-86F sub folder.
Again 4.09m shot, result is similar in 4.12
[Image: 19_06_2015_21_01_44.jpg]

If you do Not want the gauges but rather the stock Jet Era ones, disable the F-86_Textures folder with a minus sign.

For 4.09m...see rebel base. Wink ... 792.0.html

Folders ... ar#SAS_or_#DBW.rar ... bre%29.rar

If you find the reflection too strong, open



In both folders, find and open with word pad e.g.:

Change the value
Shine 0.05 (or whatever it is there)

to zero aka 0 !

Then reflection and new green front glass tint will be the default saturated appearance as per F_Red/Freddy's default glass.mat file.

One note:
The F-86s, when the mirror is active, will display an error log file entry in the logfile, so far I find it harmless as it did not cause any crashes. But you have been warned, sorry, so far I could not figure out where it came from
To disable this error "bad glu ...." disable the F-86 cockpits or the relevant hier.him mirror entries (the hier.him files are called F-86.him inside the \Freddy_Cockpits_Sabres_HSFX_UP\3do\cockpit\F-86AF or Jet era F-86 cockpit folder, one is named F-86A.him).

If you want the Jet Era F-86A to also have the mirror:

Again, quote...

A little update for the Sabre-, F-86A with mirror, added the blisters again in, the rest you need from this link..

One ... ar#SAS_or_#DBW.rar

Two ... et_Era.rar

Allow to overwrite, if asked.
Or simply delete the 0_Jet_Era\3do\Cockpit\F-86 folder and replace with the above.

[Image: 2015_07_01_at_14_02_25.jpg]

Hope that was not too confusing.

I will check in here from time to time, please do not be offended if it takes some time.

Fotos I hope to add soon.

I would like to add I recommend highly Freddy's P-51B/C cockpits, which I also re-uploaded at SAS. If there is any interest, my current recommendation is fly HistoMod for Mustangs or the 4.09m version with greybeard's latest FMs. Or..anything you like!

Cheers pals.

I am sorry if some shots were too big. All the best, back to my flyin' '38.

, someone made my screens work. Big Grin Thanks whoever was so kind. I will add some more here today, in small reso aka preview size to make them visible.

Kind Greets


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