4.13 Released


Been a long time coming and most of you probably already have it, but here is the link to the C1 site for 4.13 for those of you, like me, that are just coming back.

IL-2 4.13

Dear IL-2 fans,

sorry for long waiting, but better now than never

[Image: 413.jpg]

INT: International version
RU: Russian version
DS: Dogfight Server

change log:
Content of 4.13

New planes (AI only)
· He-177 A-3
· Aichi E13A floatplane
New flyable planes (cockpits)
· B-24D-140-CO + external
· IK-3
· N1K1-J
· N1K1-Ja
· N1K1-Jb
· SB 2M-103

New plane external models

· P-40E
· P-40E M-105 field mod.
· P-40M

New ground units
· 2cm Flak 38 Vierling
· Skoda Pa.II 'Zalva' armored car (MG and radio version)
· Jagdtiger
· M10 tank destroyer: early and late (late comes with closed and opened hatch)
· M36 tank destroyer with closed an opened hatch
· 2cm Flak 38 Vierling
· Type 94 tankette (Japanese)
· US AA trailer (quad cal50)
· Regimental Gun 76mm
· ATG 45 mm (1942)
New features
· Total overhaul of most bombsights.
· Added new 'realistic bombing' difficulty option to toggle between realistic/simplified bombsight inputs
· Bomb release mode keys added
· New bombardier & co-pilot position that can be manned in online coops
· Added momentum from asymmetric bomb loadouts
· Rocket release mode key added
· Course autopilot added to Luftwaffe planes
· Added working PDI lights (red, green white) to many Russian bomber pits
· Ordinance camera added
· Added target height to minimap ground targets
· Added gunner's multifunction key. Used for opening hatches, canopies, raising & lowering guns.
· Added gunner reloading if gun has clips
· FMB showing proper skin of ground objects depending on the World.camouflage
· Added FMB scrolling between different units in object windows for chiefs
· Added bombardier cockpits for all Pe-2 variants
· Added QMB option for player to chose his position in the flight
· New IJA/IJN regiments from Juri JS
· New USN/USMC regiments from Motorhead
· Added Icon settings to GUI Misc
· Added option that Icon range can be shown in meters or feets
· New SM.79 default skins by Italo
· Added differential brakes
· Added over 100 new loadouts for russian planes including RRAB cluster bombs and flares
· Bomb loadouts added to Doras
· New 3D meshes for some British bombs
· Added new conf.ini option Use3RendersUI=1 that will render UI with 1/3 width.

New maps
· New Britain & New Guinea (September 1943)
· New Britain & New Guinea (June 1944)
· Svalbard
· Tobruk
. Slovakia Autumn (Late autumn season. For proper look, it is recommended to set parameter Forest=3 in the conf.ini file under the [OpenGL] section.)

Fixes & tweaks

· Fix for the "FM" bug that can cause wingless plane to fly normally
· Fixed FM bug that caused two separate flights crash after certain plane was removed from formation
· Fixed bug with engines that caused RPMs to increase rapidly when engine selections were changed
· Fixed IL-4 engine DM bug that would cause left engine damage when right engine was shot
· Fixed very old online bug that caused wrong visual animation of engine states (with 2 or more engines)
· Fixed bomb delay bug. Old style delay (without fuzes) was not staying on UI
· Engine DM fixes for Spit, P-51, P-47 & P-40. Added missing bullet energy reductions and tweaked damage probabilities
· New Ho-3 cannon belting
· Fix for AI taxing takeoff bug in coop
· Engine DM fix so that pilot doesn't get BBQed if engine is behind pilot
· Increased minimum alive time of many MG & cannon rounds
· Fixed player taxing bug with autopilot
· Fixed NTRK & bomb bay door bug that caused doors to randomly close during playback
· Fixed beacon selection bug
· Added missing Emily nose cap
· Fixed Ki-43 nav lights
· Fixed B5N FM bug that caused AI to fail torpedo run if waypoints were set too high
· Adjusted the negative G limit when redout is starting to happen
· Removed old bomb explosion randomization that might leave unit close to explosion alive and kill another unit much further from explosion
· Updated Coral Sea QMB missions from wheelsup_cavu
(Please ignore index RC4 in name of files, its full version)

Also note after installation the splash screen shows v4.13 RC04 This is normal till hotfix is released.

Hi how are you? theres is stil possible to downlod te 4.13m in some way?
many thanks anyway for you wokrs... :wink:

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