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A Message From Ilan

Here is a message copied from the Hangsim Forums with Ilan's permission

Quote:Hi Everyone,

After an exciting two and half years working at Intel on the RealSense project, i am back to developing
Vehicle Simulator and future versions of it, in full swing. 8-)

What i would like to hear from you, are your ideas, where Vehicle Simulator should develop from here:

1. Should it be updated as a multi platform simulator as it is today, and have additional features, better graphics, better networking ?

2. Should it be split into Marin and Aviation versions, for making the application more focused as it used to be when Virtual Sailor and Micro Flight were current ?

3. Any additional ideas would be welcome.

4. If any of you knows well one of the following topics and would like to help with the development of future games for free or for payment please contact me :

a. Web development, including website design using new tools and scripts ( php, cgi, etc.. )

b. DirectX11 programming, using latest techniques in shader development.

c. Use of PhysiX and other types of physical engines in game development.

d. Graphic art design, 2D graphics to be used in game.

e. 3D graphic content work, to be used for scenery, vehicles, and objects, both static and animated.

f. Character animation work, generating skinned mesh models, with animated tracks.

Excited to hear your feedback, please contact me at

Thanks !!!

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