How to install Histo with AAS modact second part

Hi gamers
Second part of the tuto: install HistoMod with a previous modded game.

Parts 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 are similar.
De -activate your previous mods : put a "-" in font of the folder
ie: -F100

Create a folder inside your MODS folder and name it Histo_misc (for example).
Copy all the folders and files from the Files folders of the 000_Korea_Something or 001_Cockpits_Something in this Histo_misc.
At the end you will have stg like:
Histo_misc/Folders and class files.
By this way all the class files and folders will be read before those of your Files located in the root of your game.

now proceed like part 6 in the first tuto if you have a CTD.
I think that's all!

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