Virtual FERTE ALAIS New Website and Screenchot contest !!!

LeBigTed Wrote:Dear Gents,

I am happy to show you the VFA's team new website !

VFA's Team organize a SCREENSHOT CONTEST to win COD in partnership with Ubisoft !

As it is in french, I permit myself to translate it here for everybody.

So 2 ways to win COD :

First DOWNLOAD VFA's pack. You can create a new account to have the link or you can also download it from the old website HERE

Take a screenshot from la ferté alais into your IL2 game, and post it HERE

The second way to participate consist on posting a photo you did at La Ferté Airshow on the same forum.

On May 20th 23:59 PM, the 5 photos and the 5 screenshots which have the most vote will win COD ;o)

Thanks everybody to participate, and thanks the team for its fantastic and marvellous work !!!



Good idea here! Guys will have fun with it.

I moved this to the Announcements forum.


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