[Beta] Random Splash Screen Cycler

I don't know of one yet, although I will be investigating that as I am likely to be upgrading to Win 7 64 bit sometime soon.

Thank you to everyone for using my Mod. Its great to know I made something that everyone else gets as much enjoyment out of as I do.

Thanks! Look forward to it! Big Grin

Wondering if there's any progress on this? :wink:

Here's the main question: is it possible to take the existing file and just "convert" it somehow so that it runs in Windows 7 64 bit? I tried to do a google search on converting and didn't get far...

Hello Lupus,

I think that I'll try this mod. It's a great idea.

Give me an email sometime or chat with me. Don't be a stranger. Smile


Sorry, link to filefront not working anymore ;(

WHAT??? Filefront lost my mod??? OH NO!!!!!

*just kidding, I"m updating the main link on the first post with a good link.

*Done. The link has been updated and is working now.

might have been working in 2009...lol, but this is 2019... anybody got this and willing to share it? I could really use this for an IL2 Setup I'm working on (for Vietnam.)

S! Big Grin


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