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~Salute All~!!!;

Unfortunately for much of the life of the Forgotten Battles series, Ubisoft has though granting forum space to help promote their product, not tried to help bind the community of "customers" together through the proven method of supporting squadrons.

As to support, I simply mean building and maintaining an active list, as that alone pulls people into groups focussed about their product. As it stands now many of the squadrons listed have come and gone, so a lot to wade through resulting in many simply giving up and risking their gradual slip away from the sim.

Having personally petitioned, emailed & pressed for action since the release of PF, aided by many of our local OPs to generate some action....Sadly nothing, no response, and as names have come and gone of forum administration that had good intentions as to this point, nothing happened.

To that end we as a "player community" have generated the following list, within you'll also find groups from the Italian, French, & German forums as I've requested they add their groups as well.

Lastly, in that this product seems as though it may eventually cease to be a source of revenue for Ubisoft risking this forums demise, the 78th*Sentai will host an identical list here: 78th*Sentai Squadron List & Mission4Today here:M4T Squadron List. As long as the simulation is flown they will be maintained.

Post your request for addition at either forum, it will be added or responded to regularly.

K2 / Billfish / Ktu*78th*Sentai

Post the following information:
* Squadron Name.
* Squadron's "Virtual" Nationality (Are you set up to be a German/U.S./Japanese/Italian/etc.) or Generic. (those I missed will be added as needed....Only actual air forces of WWII, not those to reflect membership (like Jamaica) or "themes".
* Website URL

*** If you find a dead link report it here!

RAAF No. 5 / Dogs of War
450 Sqdn RAAF ~ Forum
No. 457 Squadron
(AEF) Fighting Roo's
Australia United Squadron
Real Aussie Air Force ~ Forum

1°GDA - Jaguar ( 1° Grupo de Defesa Aérea )
2º/3º GAv. Grifo Brasil
27º E.V.C. Falcões da Noite
Jambock Squadron

=BgAF= Bulgarian Air Force
Въздушните на Н.В. Войски / Royal Bulgarian Airforce

439Th Tiger (Sabre-Toothed Tiger)


CSL - Ceska Stihaci Letka

Lentolaivue 8
Lentolaivue 24
Lentolaivue 26
Lentolaivue 30 - LeLv30
Lentolaivue 34
Lentolaivue 47
Lentolaivue 54
Lentolaivue 76
Flight Simulator Nordic Squadron
Lento-osasto Kuhlmey
Sky Fellows of Finland

[AT] Les Aigles Triomphales
Normandie Niemen Force Francaise Libre
Spectres Volants

II./JG1 ~ II.Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 1
Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 "Immelmann"
JG4 ~ Jagdgeschwader 4 "Sturmjäger"
13.(Z)/JG 5 ~ 13. Zerstöerstaffel / Jagdgeschwader 5 "Eismeer"
14./JG5 & 14.(Jabo)/JG5 "Faust der Luftflotte"
II./JG11 ~ Forum
JZG 23-Jagd und Zerstöer Geschwader 23
I. Gruppe/ Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter"
Jagdgeschwader 26 / JG26
I/KG26 ~ Forum
Jagdgeschwader 27 (JG27)
I/JG27 ~ I. Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 27
III./JG27 - III. Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 27
5./Jagdgeschwader 27
Jasta 30
JV 44 The Redwulf- Squadron ©
3./Jagdgeschwader 51
Jagdgeschwader 52
I/ZG52 ~ Zerstöergeschwader 52 Gruppe 1 ~ Forum
I/ Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 53 "PikAs"
III/JG53 ~ Forum
4./JG 53 'Pik As' ~ Forum
I/JG54 "Grunherz"
Jagdgeschwader 62 (JG62) - "DEATH BROTHERS"
Kampfgeschwader 64 / KG64 ~ Forum
JV69 "Marseille" ~ Forum
1./JG77 ~ 1. Jagdgeschwader 77 "HerzAss"
Stukageschwader 77
I/JG78 ~ I. Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 78
KG200 Leonidas ~ Forum
Jagdgeschwader 301 (JG301) Wilde Sau
Brazil Luftwaffe
Kommando Werner Mölders KWM
=LBR= Luftwaffe Brasil

Great Britain:
RAF 23 & RAF 33
=FN= 27º falcoes da noite
No. 41 Squadron RAF
56 Squadron RAF, "Firebirds"
No 74 Squadron Royal Air Force (RAF74)
No 79 Squ vRAF ~ Forum
RAF 209 Squadron
234 Squad ~ Forum
242 Squadron
RAF No.303
310. Stíhací & 311. Bombardovací československé (Virtuální) Perutě RAF
=BAF= 350th Ambiorix Squadron
RAF662 Combat Flight Sim Group
Chuffy's Flying Circus ~ Forum
Hells Gazelles ~ Forum
Icelandic Fighter Squadron
RFC-Royal Flying Corps
The Tangmere Pilots ~ Forum

Greece / Hellas:
v.335th & 336th Greek Squadrons

101. "Puma" Vadászrepülő osztály

Italy: Gruppo di Volo "Ali Amiche"
6˚Stormo Diavoli Rossi (6˚RedDevil)
22˚ Gruppo Caccia Terrestre
72a Squadriglia Caccia "Sagittario"
167˚ Gruppo Assalto "Tigri Volanti"
ITAF - Italian Fighters
Regia Aeronautica
Squadriglia Sorci Verdi, SO.V

15th Kokutai
39e Sakai
78th*Sentai /
飛行*第78*戦隊 ~ Forum
IJAAF 200th Sentai
343 Kokutai
RSS / Rising Sun Squadron
Sentai Kamikaze


1.JaVA Squadron ~ Forum

New Zealand:
The Flying Kiwis


RAF No.303

Soviet Union:
2nd Guards Soviet Mixed Air Regiment

Escuadrón 111
Escuadrillas Azules/Escuadrón Águilas

F19 Virtual Squadron (F19VS)

United States:
Marine Carrier Air Group 2(MCVG-2) " The Duece"
3rd Bombardment Group
Air group 8 "Doolittle Raiders"
U.S.A.A.F. 5th Air Force, V Fighter Command Headquarters Flight, the "Hell's Devils"
11th Air Force "Aleutian Tigers"
VF-29 "Lost Boys"
Air Group 31 "Flying Meataxers", Fighter Squadron 31 (VF-31) and Torpedo Squadron 31 (VT-31)
USA-AF. 49th FG 7th FS. Scremin Demons.
USA-AF. 49th FG 8th FS. The fighting Black Sheep. ~ Forum
AG-51 (Air Group 51 consisting of VF-51 & VT-51)
51st Fighter Interceptor Squardron
The Fighting 69th
77th Flight Squardron "Gamblers", 20th Battlegroup, 8th Airforce
VF-84 "Wolfgang"
Carrier Air Group 91 (CAG-91) ~ (FS:VFN-91, BS:VTN-91)
94th Fighter squadron. The Hat in the Ring Gang
CAF96th Squadron
VF-152 Fighting Aces
214th Black Sheep
VMF-214 The Black Sheep Squadron
VMF215 Fighting Corsairs
310th VCS
328th VFS
332nd V.F.G. Redtails
334th Eagle Squadron
336th Fighter Squadron
352nd VFG "The Bluenosed B*stards of Bodney" ~ Forum
790th Virtual Squadron
Allied Fighter Jocks Squad
AVG "Flying Tigers"
Four Aces plus Duce
Birds of Prey
The Blacksheep Squadron
Red Tail Angels /RTA
Team USA
USAAF Historical Dedicated Bomber Group. Virtual 97th BG/43rd BG (H)
USMCG =SOP= ("United States Marine Corps Gamers", =Sons of Plunder Squadron=)
United States Navy (virtual)
War Hawks

102nd Yugoslav Squadron

1GDA - 1st brazilian fi. sq. senta a pua!
URU 1st. Fighting Squadron
IV/JG7 Greyhounds
CF23 '23rd Cerberus Flight' ~ Forum
Jagdgeschwader 28 "Wolkenstürmer"
NS38th "Night Stalker" Squadron
54th Screamin' Devils
Headhunters 80th VFS
83rd Fighter Squadron
422nd Tornado
Aces High Virtual Fighter Squadron
A.F.S.G. (Advanced Fighter Sim Group)
AKA Wardogs
Casual Pilots Squadron ~ Forum
Danger Dogz
Deadeye Squdron
Delta Chevron
Dirty Dozen Air Corps
The Eagles of War
Fallen Angels Squadron
Fightin' Irish Squadron
The French Air Warriors (FAW)
GAEv - Grupo Aeronaval Embarcado Virtual
Grupo de Operaciones Aereas FENIX (GOA)
Head Hunters 80th VFS
=JFC= / Joint Foreces Command.
Hopeless Few
Mighty Demons
Pacific Freelancer
Rogue Saints
Rogue Squadron
Die Sonntagskämpfer
The Tempest Union ~ Forum
Turkish Gold Raiders
Vultures Row
We The Few
Wedge Tailed Eagles 2nd Talon Group (WTE_2TG)
Wing Walkers virtual Combat Squadron

Special Training Squadrons & Groups:
* JOINT-OPS Virtual Combat School..."Where to look for your new recuits"

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Quote:Post the following information:
* Squadron Name.
* Squadron's "Virtual" Nationality (Are you set up to be a German/U.S./Japanese/Italian/etc.) or Generic. (those I missed will be added as needed....Only actual air forces of WWII, not those to reflect membership (like Jamaica) or "themes".
* Website URL

* Patrulla Azul (Spanish)
* Generic (WWII)
* Website: and Forum:

Thank you.

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and please everyone, post here in the thread do not PM me, as that way there is a public record of it to which both you and I can be then held accountable......... .........Updates will be made roughly every 2 weeks or less until things slow down then may drop to once a month.


Great Britain: 242 Squadron / generic/ Forum:


moved back to announcements, a very useful list this.

Annoying the annoying, so you don't have to.
[Image: 29p95pf.gif]

Here are links for No5 and 457 Squadrons RAAF

http// and

Squad members are Finnish, British, Italian, American, and Australian but the squad is German: Kampfgeschwader (KG) 64

[Image: site_logo.gif]

Brazil Luftwaffe

Name: 27


Do not PM me about "spamming".

KG64 and 305th Bomb Group:
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Australia: 2nd Talon Group - Wedge Tailed Eagles

SWORD WING (Allied role)
No.76 Squadron - Allied Fighter Squadron
No.460 Squadron - Allied Bomber Squadron

JAEGER WING (Axis roles)
Stab.JG77 - Axis Fighter Squadron
II/KG53 - Axis Bomber Squadron

Hyperlobby Server: WTE_AusServer


The GAvCaVi isn't generic, it is a brazilian squadron.
The name says all:
1GDA - 1st brazilian fi. sq. senta a pua!

Thank you.

328th VFS

Nationality: US

Thx, Billfish, we appreciated a lot your squad's effort. But i would like to suggest adding the squadron "homebase" as well. It's kinda confuse when u look first, but =LBR= Luftwaffe Brasil squad is based in Brazil, not Germany Big Grin, altough we play as Germans.

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