Some questions for my planned Revell Me 262A-1 1/72 diorama

Hey guys,

I started scale aircraft modelling years ago in the late '90 and early 2000s, and I intend to get back into it, but this time with a great deal more precision, care and sophistication. I intend to do a diorama of a Me-262 a-1 having a bit of work done on it after being clipped on the wing. I've got some - hopefully - okay ideas thus far for how I'm going to achieve this, but I just wanted to ask a few questions to you obviously extremely experienced air modellers...

Firstly, is it possible to model interiors in 1/72 scale? I want to have a few bits of the wing ripped upwards by the cannon of a late spitfire or something, and thus to have some of the interior workings of the wing showing. Would it be possible to model such detail in 1/72?

Secondly, how would I go about painting that trademark luftwaffe colour scheme for my Me-262 A-1 with revell oils?



I'm sorry if I appear very ignorant about modelling techniques, but I have just got into this after years Big Grin

I for one think you are diving in to much. try a simple strait from the box kit, and maybe a base, but don't try modifications until you are good with building by the instructions. Also, I finally got an airbrush, and love it, and would recommended one, this is the great starter one I use,, but get it from amazon, you can get it for $20.

sounds silly...but what exactly does one use an airbrush for?

Airbrush uses air to propel measured/metered amounts of paint. Like for spraying cars or fences or boats, but on a smaller scale.

I agree. Get proficient first then start to fancy up the models.

It is possible to build/paint beautifully without an airbrush.

Air brushes are good for even coats of paint and giving soft edges to color changes.

Here's a good start ... nt&id=1406

Half way down on this thread ..... ... opic=68997

Try to visualize how you want your diaroma to look then draw on paper the setup , kinda a birds eye view then practice with spare parts first to get it right then work on your plane. I can tell you this, thats it's a pain when you try with your model to get a part to bend a certain way only to have it brake off. theres also alot of good info on the net on making diaroma's. Youtube is a good start an then modeling forums also. Good Luck

Oh and my personal opinion on painting. Use Acryilic paint and an airbrush you can get some very nice 2 stage airbrushes off of EBAY for under 50 bucks... ... ion&_rdc=1

Well, as the partner, I would recommend that you first Do learn good techniques of mounting of the box, learning to use the airbrush as it is idispensable to make a perfect scale model, and after you can start trying to cut flaps position to give you more than you like other things i scrach .. finally when you have mastered all the techniques you can start thinking about how to make your own diorama and make deeper changes in the models ..
"Also I can tell a person not born cruelty, so if you like you comes from trying to do the Me262 with bullet holes and other damage, do not cut it in this life only learn through working .. so no I can only wish you luck and let it rip ..

A models 1 / 72, you can leave as detailed as a model to 1 / 24, for that reason do not worry that if, need a lot more patience and more accurate ools in larger scales ...

to try to make parts, look in plastic pots of food or soap, every day we throw away very many materials that we can improve our model

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