I want show you my first RC-Plane - The Parkzone Bf-109 G

I buy my first RC-Plane and it is the Parkzone Bf-109 G (with Markings from the Ace Hartmann).

Pictures: https://fotoalbum.web.de/gast/headnut88 ... one_Me-109

First Strike 1.0: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdagc1c-yU4
First Strike 1.1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmFbyh0upb8

1.0 is the real flight
1.1 is an edited Version with Music
editied by my Dad

Ok I crashed my first Flight because it is my first RC-Plane and for the first an very difficult controling Plane.
after the Crash I thank god it was not to bad and after I repaired it i fly again without hard crash.....
I need more training for clean landing....
:wink: Headnut

very nice model, i noticed that the paint scheme is Erich Hartman. i did this skin http://www.allaircraftsimulations.com/f ... hp?t=27327
and your avatar is P51 Big beautiful doll lol another skin i have done http://www.allaircraftsimulations.com/f ... hp?t=27301

it seems u have good taste.

it looked like u had good fun with the r/c its no wonder u crashed with every laughing to distraction lol

Epic FAIL, but all right for a first attempt,

The Cash looked so cool, oh and what fell of when you crashed it?


Nice first fly XD
While you don

Nice plane. I have a Parkzone Cub myself. The first thing I did was remove the landing gear, and here's why.

1. Saves weight and drag which gives longer battery life more responsive control with higher top speeds if desired. Also lands slower which reduces potential damage.

Basically I run the same airspeed with a lower throttle setting on my Cub and I get 20+ minute flights.

Unfortunately, the plane you have is more high performance and will be less forgiving than a trainer aircraft. I would agree that having someone else who's experienced land it.

Parkzone makes good aircraft.

Have fun.

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