1/32 He-162 A-2 "Salamander"

Hi, everyone!

Just finished this one today, and couldn't refrain from posting some pics. Tongue I had it WIP for an absurdly long time (almost a year since I opened the box, though there were some months during which I didn't even look at it), so it is a BIG relief to see it finished and on the shelf at last.
Actually, I was hoping (at the beginning) to enter a contest with it, but on second thought, I better practice some more; or a lot.
And yes, I know it's glossy as hell. :oops:

[Image: he162leftside.jpg]
Sadly, the area around the cannon muzzles was the only weathering I managed at all. Oh well, maybe next time.
[Image: he162front.jpg]

The swastikas are way too big, yes. Happens when one has to make them by himself.
[Image: he162rudder.jpg]

The pitot tube is patchwork- I somehow lost the piece and had to make it anew out of spare plastic. Shows, huh?
[Image: he162cockpit.jpg]

[Image: he162below.jpg]

[Image: he162above2.jpg]

[Image: he162engine2.jpg]

[Image: he162gearstowage.jpg]

Sorry for so many pictures. This Volksjaeger is a very solid kit and I'd recommend it if you want a late-war Luftwaffe fighter; maybe it could use some additional detail, but the cockpit and engine, in particular, fit nicely together and have many details.

Constructive criticism appreciated!


I think it looks great! Good job :wink:


very impressive

very well detailed, congrats!

Nice! I like it 8)

Veeerry nice model man ! details and everything . just awesome Big Grin

Thanks, people, I really appreciate it! Though there aren't many things on it to be detailed... it's quite an uniform airframe.

Very nice 8)

Beautiful work there!

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Accurate paintwork !


Quote:For this, as I used oils to paint pictures, colors are often used BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW, ROASTED AND SIENA .. and Humbrol solvent, dilute colors leave till almost liquid once this subtraction will apply only in the grooves and crevices of the plane., let it dry about 15 or 30 min with a cotton swab of the ears, it's quiet access "and see everything you have left with more depth ..
Always, before using this technique have to be painted with gloss varnish before dissolved with solvent other than the Humbrol, because if you use the same solvent as that used with the oils you skip the paint o ...

Thank you, Allia. I will certainly try it out, and think that a lot of model/ diorama makers would greatly appreciate videos of such procedures. Have you already put photos of your works on the site? It would certainly be interesting to see what the results are like... Big Grin

Well done, it looks great! But, sorry, it looks to new for me. No dirt, no oil.

Horrido shrek1

Very nice, these big jobbies can be quite a challenge, I think you pulled it off quite well. Sooooo many planes get ruined at Either the weathering or the finish stage, I don't blame you for going for the look you did (that's why I build tanks and trucks, I can hang a duffel bag over the screw ups and walk away). IMHO these planes didn't last long enough to get very weathered so this is the perfect look anyway for this plane, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Great job on that ninetoes. Big Grin

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