How can I share a GMAX file with a co-modder?

I have developed some 3d models with GMAX that I would like to send to a team member for further work. The files I sent do not seem to be editable on his computer. What might I be doing wrong?

Are you using same programs and file types? Are you sure that the files aren't read only?

Thanks for the reply, I misunderstood the problem, GMAX to GMAX was OK. But is there a way to get a GMAX model into 3DS MAX without losing the UV mapping?

You could try with MD3 or MD5 models.

You're trying to import meshes, right? The converters in that page have capabilites to make it *anim, *mesh or *camera.

Such a weird thing google isn't very helpful. Hope that page helps you a bit, even if you may have already checked it out.

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