Wingnut wings

I don't know who else here has seen this, but there kits are BEAUTIFUL! I have there Junkers J.1 coming in the mail, can't wait for it. Also some great things about them is they have the plans on-line, include photo references of surviving and period aircraft in the plans, and have a tips and tricks section with procedures for getting certain weathering effects, loofa applied camouflage, wood grain, etc! And the have a 1/32 scale gotha bomber nearing release! This thing has a 2 foot wingspan!

They look real good Big Grin

I might have to buy some Big Grin

Oh are they Make 'n' Pain?


Read some of the reviews, many fall just short of sending there first born daughters to the makers! They use large tabs for wings and struts, so they are said to go together very well. When I start my Junkers, I may do it as with progress shots during the build. If you do get some, do it quick, they have temporary free shipping, which is important because the come from New Zealand.

progress shots, now that's a great idea Big Grin please keep us
updated on the build



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