Axis & Allies Paintworks Website Launch

Announcing the official launch of Axis & Allies!

Over the last several weeks, the team at A & A Paintworks has been
working extensively on preparing our website for it's opening day. We
started this colaborative effort last year with the goal of producing
high quality textures for campaign builders, as well as serving our own

We're not alone in this venture...we've invited some of our good friends
and favorite artists to join us. Kristorf, Emel, Rudi Jaeger and Phas3e will
be uploading exclusive packs to the website in addition to our own work.

On top of that, our good friend Duggy has agreed to be the resident research guru. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, he is the "all things aviation history" guy from M4T. If it had wings and took to the air, he's got a book on it.

For our "Grand Opening" of the site, we are releasing the next installment of our PTO Skin Pack. Also, look for new packs by Emel, Kristorf, and Phas3e in their downloads area.
[Image: NishazawaBcopy.jpg]
[Image: Pacific.png]

A brief note: due to limited server space, we will only be hosting skins by A & A Paintworks and our friends. As time goes on, we may open up a public d/l section if enough people are interested.

So come on in, register, download, & play around in the forums.

We're looking forward to your company! Click on the sig to take you to the site.

Casey1976, RDDR & Rock
A & A Paintworks Team
[Image: AAgroupSpitfiaaaasiggycopy.jpg]

Excelent inagurational skins!! I´m sure your site will become in a very important skins factory!! my best luck for all you!! Smile

Just registered. Nice so far. Can't wait to see some of those templates showing up.

Congragulations, I look forward to downloading some useful templates.

Nice site, great skins!

Thanks fellas!

I see many of you guys have registered and I'm very surprised that the site has taken off the way it has. I expected more of a slow burn and build of the membership over time.

Be sure to post in the "Introduce Yourself" section, and let us know you've joined...we want to give the site a personal touch for our members. Also be sure to check the "Welcome" section as it contains our T & Cs/site rules etc.

Here's to getting on with gettin on!

Thanks AAS community, you guys are great.


[Image: AAgroupSpitfiaaaasiggycopy.jpg]

Awesome. Can't wait to sign up and see those beautiful skins. Epic work gents Big Grin

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