Torrents Always Needed...

Please remember that many of those who are new to the IL-2 modding scene depend on the Torrents to get downloads. Only as long as at least one Torrent is available will this type of download stay alive.

Also, consider that there are peek times and slow times for IL-2 Torrent activity. All times are needed.

I keep my Torrents connected to the InterNet as much as possible. Please do the same. Do not delete or change the location of the Torrent folders in your computer. Let them be and they will function just fine.

On average, downloads from Torrents are cleaner (less incidence of corrupt files), transfer faster, and the download will be available as long as at least one Torrent seeder is available. In theory, this could be into the indefinate future.

Those who are new to IL-2 sometimes need to leave their Torrent connection in place overnight. Likely, you will have your download quick, but if not then by the morning.

Be a cheerful giver and have fun! Big Grin

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