DBG Dedicated Bomber Server

~S~ Everyone
Attention Bomber Groups and Bomber Pilots, who like to fly USAAF Heavy
DBG (Dedicated Bomber Group) is proud to Announce that "Terror From The Skies" A USAAF Heavy Bomber Dedicated Server is now on Hyperlobby. You can find the Server under the name of "TFTS" in the Hyperlobby server list.
Please be sure to Read and Understand the Server Rules and the TFTS Pilot Code Of Conduct, before you Enter and Fly on the Server. Read and follow the Mission Briefing.
You can find more infro on the DBG Web Site@:
Terror From The Skies uses the HSFX 4.11 and Zuti MDS 1.12.
Server IP:
TS3 Sever IP:

Help the DBG (Dedicated Bomber Group) make the "Terror From The Skies" one of the Best Server in IL-2 and Hyperlobby.

Most of all Enjoy and Have FUN!!!

Thank You for Your Cooperation.

The DBG Staff

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