RAF 209 Squadron Announces New CO


By order of his most Royal Majesty, The King of England, and the Commanding Officer of the 209 Squadron, Royal Air Force.

It is my honor to announce that Lieutenant Colonel Python is hereby and forthwith promoted to the
office of Commanding Officer, on this day of our Lord, October 16, 2010.

His Majesty, your Country, and your Squadron, RAF 209, wishes to express their deepest congratulations, and sincere appreciation for you outstanding service.

Maj. Reefer MC, DFC, MID. CDC
Adjutant/Fighter Training Officer/Recruiting Officer

Lt. Col. Sir Rebell CMG, DSO, OBE, MC, DFC, AFC, MID**
Operations Officer/Fighter Training Officer/Recruiting Officer

Dated: 16 October, 2010

Congradulations, Python!


Fireskull Smile

Apparently part of his new position is to harrass me on HL... :lol:

Grats Python Smile

S! Congratulations Python!

Jambo :wink:

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