HISTO campains/missions ?

Does anybody know were i can find Histo mod campains or missions for offline ? I've found one campain at M4T but hav'nt had any luck on finding more Sad Please help me if you can. 8) Thank you

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I would recommend asking LeBig, drop him a PM, or he might see this post and be able to help you.


Hi Refuggee
unfortunatly there are not a lot of campaigns, missions based on Histo Mod.
This mod is not in use in a large scale (too much realistic?), and then the gamers keep their missions for their own.
We are preparing a part of the Histo forum for missions, skins and goodies for Histo users.
If you have some to post, contact me, in order to post on Histo forum (every body is welcome) or contact AAS admin to post here.
{See above for the last changes , I fixed some misfits in the mod (ie: all bombers are reactive to oxygen mask command)}

Hi mates

I played during a long time with HISTOMOD 3.0, and every mission and campaign of the game (DCG and Modded) worked fine with this pack. I apologize, I don't understand your question (I'm sorry to tell this, don't take it mad, I would like to give you help ;o)

In fact are you searching specific Missions and Campaigns, or do you want to know if your campaings will work with HistoMod ?

As an exemple, it was very realistic to do all Engine start process during a scramble ;o)

Sure it was more difficult to take off, and many time you were killed into the cockpit before finishing starting engine(s) ;o)

This is a Huge work, that did HISTO MOD TEAM, I very enjoyed flying with this pack and I hope you too ;o)

Cheers :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


I thank all of you for your help & info. I'll take this & see what i can find. THANKYOU FOR YOUR HELP Big Grin

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