Starting the F86, CA27 engine....

Bonjour Messieurs!

After many years, knowing and flying IL-2, yesterday for the first time, I jumped into the cockpit of a F86 Sabre and was sweating tears and blood! 8)

I love your HistoMod! You really did a marvelous job, even a miracle! S!
Merci beaucoup!

For the first 5 minutes at least, I was enjoying and memorizing the cockpit.
I put the Oxygen mask on - and could hear me breathing... 8)
Took it off again and started with an outside check of my new plane... :wink:
I checked my flaps, my steering and so on....
Then I started with the start procedure of the engine....
At point 8 of your manual: Cut starter once the engine has started (15s) - I'm not sure what do you mean? Is it the Starter Switch (Key 6)?

Well, after an hour trying everything, well into the early morning, I quit. The engine won't run and I was afraid to ruin it! 8)

What I'm doing wrong if I may ask? I took my time.
And how do I know in what F86 to find the CA27 engine?
I'm not very familiar with these planes.

Ah, by the way;
At number 9 you're writing "External Power Switch - OFF" and you mean APU (Auxiliary Power Unit).
I'm not a native English speaking person... and it took me a few minutes to realize that the External Power Switch is the APU... :oops: :Smile)

I am very grateful for any advice and help!

And Gentlemen, once again: Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication!
Il-2 once more is different, much more realistic...real... still sweating.... :lol:

Jambo :wink:

Right Jambo, I too have learnt the joys of Histomod Big Grin

Well for taking of the F86 Sabre I followed LeBigTed's advice of writing it down but I'll tell you how I remember it know :wink:

I get in, and press 8 (Battery ON)
Then I press External Power (6)
Then Master Switch (You'll have to set this key)
Then move the throttle to 3% like in the instructions
Then press starter switch (7)
You should here 2 clicks then the engine should kick in, and leave until the the dial is at full (About 15 seconds)
The cut the started switch and External Power and push the throttle forward and release parking brakes :wink:

Then that should get you off the ground :wink:


CA27 engine should be the sabres marked as Avon Sabre or CAC sabre or just Sabre Mk31/32. It's the Avon Mk20 and 26 engine.

Hi Jambo
Raptor is right. This "Avon" Sabre is the Sabre with the Avon (RR) engine.
CAC 27 is more accuracy as a name. It is not a great subject of discuss, it is only to not give the same name to the class files in order to separate them. After you can give all the name you want as Jet Era team did or like we did.

As a former fighter in FAF, I always have "short cut" to map my keys:
U= APU, I= ignition(battery),M=Master engine, S= Starter, O=open/close canopy and so on, because you can make your own choice for your commands.
In additionnal, all what is mandatory for preflight or flight is on my keyboard, all flight actions and commands are on my throttle and stick, I keep head on the nmis by this way! Sort of HOTAS!!
Try to find your personal "music" with your keys!!

Hi Guys, Big Grin

thanks a lot for your advice and help!

lebig, I did program my keyboard and stick. I've got this X-65F and you've got a lot of possibilities to program this HOTAS. :wink:
But I will heed your advice!

Planemad, thank you for your procedure. I'll have to change my joystick a bit, 'cause at the moment I can only move the throttle in 5% steps...
I don't know if this really matter 3% or 5% ? But I will find out! 8)

Raptor, I thought this CA27 was a special plane, like F86-A or else? I don't know much about these engines... but thank you for explaining! 8)

Will have another training session soon! :Smile)

Jambo :wink:

Morning Gents,

Size matters! Or how was it? :Smile)
After changing the profile of my stick a bit, these 5% into 1% steps again - at 3% the engines starts and a few minutes later I was airborne! Big Grin
And it is a very good advice to have the manual in front of you with your own programed keys, for the start procedure. Confusedhock: :lol:

Thanks again Guys!

Lebig, I only now realized your first sentence: As a former fighter in FAF (French Air Force) I presume!? :oops: :Smile)
So you're not only a wannabe-pilot like me - you are a reeaal pilot! Confusedhock: Great! 8)
Lot of things I / we can learn from you!
To late now - you can't run..... :mrgreen:

Jambo :wink:

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