3d jet smoke for 4.10

Guys I could no longer live with the ugly 2d jet exhaust smoke trails in 4.10.So I searched and hacked and hacked and searched some more and this is what I finally came up with and will have to do until the big guys update IL-2 1946 Plutonium Universal Max Effects to 4.10 standards.Some of it came from HolyGrail & Potenz I think and if it did I thank them for it and hope they approve and some of it came from searching through old effects mods for the best visual effect,so if anyone see's their work in this mod and I didn't mention you (Thanks and I hope you approve).Just drop this mod into your 4.10s Mods folder and your good to go. [Image: Screenshot1.jpg] [Image: Screenshot2.jpg] [Image: Screenshot3.jpg] Download http://www.mediafire.com/?t4s1i1na2cb2bv0 Ok it's actually 2d but it's better than the flat smoke.

Gumpy Wrote:Ok it's actually 2d but it's better than the flat smoke.
why don't we rename this thread "sorta-like-3d jet smoke for 4.10" Smile
anyways good smoke. how'd ya do it, did you use ME-163s smoke?

I like this smoke, its very nice :Smile)

Thanks :Smile)


Nice jet smoke looks really good. Big Grin


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