GeeBee Z Sportier For VSF

Here we have a GeeBee Z Sportier for VSF
You might need to click on the photo to enlarge.

[Image: GBZ1.jpg]
[Image: GBZ2.jpg]
[Image: GBZ3.jpg]

She is a hand full to fly and unstable at top speeds, the GeeBee’s where known for this
And this is what killed many of their pilots, if your looking for just a Sunday flyer out
Of this plane then keep the speed down to under 170 mph and she will not be so bad,
But if you are looking for a thrill then full throttle is for you ;-)
I tried to capture her unstableness the best I could with the values I have to work with
In VSF and am happy with the results.

Just unzip with folder names on inside the ( GBZv3 ) folder
You will find the ( GeeBee_Z_Sportier ) folder just put that right
Into your VSF's vehicles folder and you be good to go.

Please read the read-me in the model folder there are things you
Need to know for pre-flight and keys.

Download GeeBee Z Sportier Model:

Hope you all enjoy the GeeBee Z.

another nice addition! thank you Deutschmark!

she's really twitchy to fly everyone so be carefull and read the warning

Video of the crash. Note at the slow motion replay at 2:51 the angle of the dive and at 2:52 the abrupt pitch up of which then the wing separates!

That's sweet DM...a very cool addition, nice work!


Pretty nice Gee Bee, I say.


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