MIDEAST MAP BIG by Nounette: NEW RELEASE V2.00beta2

Hi everybody,

I've been working in an Extended version of the Mideast Map and I think that it will be good to make a beta release of it in order to get your feedback.

You'll find it at (EDIT: this is an old version, new version thread is at http://allaircraftsimulations.com/forum/...st#p358870)
For those who have already installed v1.03 you'll note that this version has been upgraded to IL2 4.10.1 with HSFX 5.0.1 (previous version was on IL2 4.0.9 with UP 2.01)

The release includes:
1) A geographical extension to the west from Port Said to Alexandria and to the south to include the whole Sinai Peninsula and a part of the Red Sea.
2) Some fixes to the previous release (specially land leveling of some airfields) and a few additional features.

The geographical extension already has:
- Coasts and rivers
- Roads, railways and bridges
- Terrain textures
- A good deal of airfields
- The main cities identified and marked with city textures

New cities are still not populated with buildings -will come in a future release- but this will not prevent you from flying or from giving us your feedback.

Someone from the IAF team is now helping me. He is working in recreating the real layouts of the Israeli airfields (today all airfields have only one runway) but it will take some time before it's done.

I hope you enjoy it and I'll be looking for your feedback.



PS: I've been discussing with some people about possible campaigns and it would be great to have new mods for missing planes (for '48 war and up). If someone is able to develop some of those mods please contact me.

The new map
[Image: MideastBIGMAP.jpg]

looks real nice, thank you for your work Smile
Do you have any in game photos to put up please.


This looks very nice :OO :Smile)

Thanks for this great addition :Smile)


Hi Deustchmark,
You can find lots of pictures in the thread about the previous version of the map here viewtopic.php?f=125&t=31502


Thank you Big Grin


Hi everybody,

Just a little erratum on the installation pack. You've got to rename the files/maps/mideast folder to files/maps/MidEastBig (sorry for the mistake, I've kept the old installation structure for the small map).


Hi, I have altered the Folder to MidEastBig, still not working. Cry

This is one map I have been really looking forward to, as Israel part of my heritage.

I have tried on UP 2.0 - UP 2.01 - UP 3.0. Please please can you help me.

I have entered maps before, some success, but most with success. I want this one to be extremely successful.

thanks m8

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