[MOD] Wing Tip Stall Mod

Hello Gents,

This is a little mod I cobbled together, originally for my 1950's jets install. Seems it could be ok for the piston props also.

Gives more of a high speed look with deterioration near the end.

Also the look for the high/low wing stall difference.

A little slide show... http://www.flickr.com/photos/59261517@N0...8622/show/

It is a 2d effect, so a limitation on seeing it from a great distance is not possible.

Download... http://cid-16f3e48bd2d5c11e.office.live....ipStall.7z

Not having any class files will make it usable in 4.09m also.

Cheers, HJ

Very nice thank you. Smile



Wow, it's just beautiful! I have to download it NOW! *-*

Just to be a stickler...
its NOT really a wing tip 'stall'..
A wing stalling at the wingtip earlier than the wing area near the wing root is usually a very bad thing.. Generally resulting in a departure. These wing tip ‘trails’ are very similar to contrails.. its condensation from pressure differentials between the upper and lower surface of the wings bleeding around the wingtip causing any moisture to condense. They are more noticeable in high ‘g’ turns. When I was still flying the F-16 I would see this all the time..

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