Messerschmitt Bf109 F2 -2ª Escuadrilla AZUL" HASEGAWA 1/48

Good to all, after a long time without me ASA, finally bring a model recently started and nearing completion.

Here I present a Bf109 F2 for the 2nd Blue Squadron of the Spanish volunteers to the eastern front, do not want to talk a lot and this model photos I pass of as is already the aircraft now about to be completed...

[Image: BF109FINAL11.jpg]

[Image: BF109FINAL9.jpg]

[Image: BF109FINAL8.jpg]

[Image: BF109FINAL7.jpg]

[Image: BF109FINAL6.jpg]

[Image: BF109FINAL5.jpg]

[Image: BF109FINAL4.jpg]

[Image: BF109FINAL3.jpg]

[Image: BF109FINAL2.jpg]

[Image: BF109FINAL1.jpg]




[Image: progreso1091-1.jpg]

[Image: 109mejoras1.jpg]

[Image: progreso1094-1.jpg]

[Image: progreso1099.jpg]

[Image: Bf109yBIOS1.jpg]

The photos do not follow any order, only the first in which is the aircraft with the landing gear position, since it is like this now the plane...the other are to teach a short summary of how I have done some details...

I hope that you enjoy it...greetings to all

Fantastic work ALLIA29. Smile
Estás hecho todo un manitas. Confusedhock:

Looks great... should be one photo with finished canopy Confusedhock:

Mamamiiiia !!!!

Fantastic work there !!!!! Good luck for the competitions, keep us update ;o)



Well, after one days I already put the pictures of the finished model, I just need to put the antenna cable and already can terminate the project...but for now I agree with the latest pictures with you.

a greeting and I hope you like it

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL1.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL2.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL3.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL4.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL5.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL6.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL7.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL8.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL9.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL10.jpg]

[Image: bf109F4ESCUADRILLAAZUL11.jpg]

My next project is A FW190, are parts of other models of FW190 leftovers and miss me 45% of the model will work to make a diorama of the crashed plane and a little sunk into the ground and ripped wings, when start project put drawings and sketches made to get an idea of what I do...

Nicely done! Big Grin


[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS0gpwJkmRRi4M6gDekXMP...nMTBlejH4J]

perfect! great job !

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