How do I incorporate a mod into "stock" 4.10?

Good day and apologies if this is a noob question. My little online group is using 'stock' 4.10m (with official patch). We're getting close to finishing the Extended Solomons Campaign and we are considering a carrier-based campaign for our next 'tour'. After seeing Ranwars Carrier Crew V5 mod I think that would be a nice immersion addition. I have no experience in adding mods to Il2 1946 so far.

In short I'd like to add this single mod but don't know how to do it. Can someone explain the process or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

You need to get the Generic Mod Enabler for IL-2.

It creates a folder in your IL-2 directory and all mods are un-packed and placed in it.....then you start the Mod Enabler prior to Launching IL-2 and enable any mods you want.

P.S. you only need to enable mods once.

Thanks, where do I find the Generic Mod Enabler for Il-2?
#4 ... jsgme.html

Its best to get the SaS ModAct 3.6 to install the mods you are looking for. ... 382.0.html

However, I would recommend to upgrade to HSfX 5.1

This is where the confusion starts.

What is the difference, if any, between Modact and JSGME. Do I need both or just the one (I'm already familiar with JSGME)?

Do I have to "upgrade" with HSFX or UP or whatever (I have no idea what those particular upgrades do) in order to use just the one mod (i.e. Carrier Crew V).

Will the mod work if I just use JSGME to put it in the game (i.e. 4.10m stock) or is there another program required?

Ok here we go.
To install only one MOD then you want ModAct also it come with the JSGME. With it - it will allow you to add your mod.

With the JSGME in a stock game [ 4.10.1 ] you get nothing. Wont work.

HSFX 5.0.1 is a mod pack so to say. Many new planes ,great effects,textures on maps.
Also you can play on many servers on-line with HSFX 5.0.1 that run 4.10.1 .

UP-3 is a very large mod pack also many planes much like HSFX but way larger.
With UP 3 you can only play on servers that run UP-3. Unlike HSFX.

thanks. I finally got the answer I was looking for.
Much appreciated.

One last point and I'll quit bugging people, LOL.
Again, this is coming from a noob who hasn't incorporated any mods into IL2 as yet, and I'm only looking at the Carrier Crew V5 as my first mod trial.
OK, if I understand correctly, the steps are:

1. DL and install the SAS Modact into my main IL2 folder,
2. DL the Carrier Crew V5 mod and place in the #SAS folder,
3. Start IL2 using the Modact and activate the mod, carry on playing game....

Is this the correct procedure?

If I install the mod as indicated above, can I play online with my colleagues if they still have unmodded IL2 or do we all need to have Modact installed with the mod etc?

Thanks again and apologies for dragging this out. :-?


The SAS Modact is going to create a mods folder in your main game folder you'll have to put the carrier crew mod into it to activate it then you should be good to go.

I don't think a mod such as the carrier crew mod will cause compatibility problems with joining unmodded co-ops. However the only way to be sure is to test this, perhaps with just one of your squad mates. If you are unable to join, try disabling the mod and see if you can then join.

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