[WIP] New Concrete Runway effects

Hey guys,

I've just started work on a new file, a concrete runway with added cracks and moss
This just gives the runway a bit more "real feel" to them by adding little points where
cracks have been added and where moss has seeped through the gaps between some
of slabs.

Screen of WIP of file in GIMP

[Image: Concreterunwaypicturewithaddedeffects.jpg]

Hope you guys like,


also, if you have any feedback I'd love to hear how I can improve on this but please
remember that this is a WIP file and is not finished, so please dont say something like
"Its terrible why have you done it like that" etc.


Wow Adam, it looks great !!!

keep it up ;o)


LeBigTed Wrote:Wow Adam, it looks great !!!

keep it up ;o)

Yes I must agree, keep it up Tongue


Hey guys heres a little update

NOTE: this is not a mojor update just a quick 10 minute job

[Image: RunwayConcretewithmoss.jpg]

[Image: Concreterunwaypicturewithaddedeffects1.jpg]

Hope you like


Hi AdamB, can you provide a copy of the runway graphic file. I could use it in a COD project I'm working on. !

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