[BETA] WestFront40 Blitzkrieg

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finally done ! 8)
Readme (extract):

WESTFRONT40 - Beta Version (public)
Date: 08-25-2011

Compatibility: IL2-1946 4.09 Modded UP 2.01
IL2-1946 4.10 + SAS Modact & objects pack or modded UP 3.0

Unzip file in your game folder

This maps are activated within JSGME .

In your JSGME mods list you'll find :
02_WestFront40_beta (map files)

Just activate it the usual way with JSGME.


This package includes 1 new map, based on WestFront44 map, itself based on Asheshouse "BoF" map, but fully populated and 30kms extended in north, south and east directions.

This map includes more than 60 unic and (as far as possible) historic airfields. A few airfields from 44 map disappear but new ones are there.

Attention : some of them are very short and not suitable for bomber operations, A few of them are very short even for fighter operations Wink,,, some are next to hills, towns or rivers,
Grass airfields are NOT completely covered with blankplates so please be careful: take-off and land only along axis marked with red/white markings at their edges, like that :

,,,and consider taxying at moderate speed.

Maastrich area has been reworked to include Eben-Emael fort.


After 2 or 3 weeks, I should release a & winter map for Phoneywar 1940 operations ...

This package is provided free as is, without any warranty, you will use it at your own risks.
Bugs (bridges/rails/roads/ buildings on roads/ IAs landing behavior) were tracked intensively during last weeks but some are still there, be sure Wink
Please, also remember that this map is very BIG and FULLY populated ! There can be memory issues with too many planes or moving vehicles. I recommand using a 512mb or 1Gb IL2FB.exe (if available).

Please, do NOT include this MOD inside any modpack without my authorization,
It is STRICTLY forbidden to include this MOD inside any pay-addon pack.


Original map which was the beginning of my work : Asheshouse
Channel Buildings : Canon-UK
Some original textures : Compans, Mbug, etc...
Documentation: LePereMagloire, JVMasset, Canon-UK and a lot of other people who sent information within forums during the WIP process.
GEFUV and C6 pilots who tested the map in cooperative online missions.
Oleg Maddox team for the original IL2-1946 simulator game.

...and also (last but not least) all IL2 community people who encouraged me during the long and hard WIP process.

No longer available ! look at WESTFRONT40 final release topic for download.

Great stuff !!! Big Grin
Thank you.


I LOVE IT :mrgreen:

Thank you very much :mrgreen:


Beautifull map!!!
Once again!!

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