MIG 15 For VSF Release.

RAF209_Python Wrote:
Fireskull Wrote:Ha Ha :lol:

I could use a sign to the latrine, please. After that, I would like to see signs for all the wonderful tourist attractions in Korea. :mrgreen:

By the way, Python, I don't wear bloomers! Confusedhock:



You can't miss the latrines there right by the road in the 4077th cxamp if you don't wear Bloomers well then hold down your skirt we don't need to see your private area there pee wee :twisted:

I wear combat fatigues - not bloomers! :mrgreen:

Fireskull Smile

Nice job Deutsh! had some fun with this bird, although i always empty the 40 rounds of 37mm real quick, i bet the pilots of these planes had to treat that gun with great precision. Its the first time ive flown this ac in any sim (apart from in the atari game 'mig alley' back in the 80's lol.) and is a joy to fly in VSF

again thx for the efforts building this for us deutshmark


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