(MOD) New version of ag_Kt_Karelia 1.1

Karelia 1.1
Hey guys!
Here is the latest version of Ag_Kt_Karelia map (1.1)
It has been under werks for several months now.
A Finnish virtual pilot, Jarmo Happonen wanted to add
historically correct airfields and some new villages and roads

He did have acces to Finnish war archives and also did get
help from aviation museum in Finland.
(Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo).
Now all the airfields are located in right places and
look almost like they were.
What a job he did!
He also edit the names and corrected them. He did use finnished versions of russian towns and villages.
Easier to read than cyrillic....

Agracier did add even more villages and farms
and he did also make new method to make myriads of small
islands and ponds.
I did add Town of Kotka (very basic) and edited textures a bit.
I also make edit map_h a bit.

I had to say that now our map looks like Finland and Karelia.

Download here:
http://www.gamefront.com/files/21170628 ... k+1946.rar

This is a huge install and replaces the default ag_Kt_map.
Rarfile contains
Ag_Kt_Karelia 1.1 essentia mapfiels
and all the textures
in 3 forlders

1.Extract packed files to temporary folder.
2. Put (copy/paste) ag_kt_Karelia folder to
... /#DBW (#UP)/MapMods/Maps folder

3. put three texturefolders Karelia, Karelia_Autumn and Karelia_Winter
... /#DBW (#UP)/MapMods/Maps/_Tex/ag folder.

That's it.
If you want to use old Kareliamap with old airfields,
just put - in front of ag_Kt_Karelia folder

If you want to use Karelia as a new map add and still have old at same install
these lines to all.ini txt file:
ag_kt_Karelia_Perfect ag_kt_Karelia_Perfect/load.ini
ag_kt_Karelia_Perfect ag_kt_Karelia_Perfect/load_winter.ini
ag_kt_Karelia_Perfect ag_kt_Karelia_Perfect/load_autumn.ini
ag_kt_Karelia_Perfect ag_kt_Karelia_Perfect/load_winter_ice.ini

This map works with every install that has previous version of our Karelia map.I did use
DBW 1.6 and UP 3 plus older heavily modded UP moddact version for testing.
It works with HSFX too since there are no new objects.

Known bugs:
Not all the airfields are tested with heavy bombers and maximum amount of planes.
No working bridges, But hey. Il2 vehicles can drive thru rivers
Objects in water. Some missmatches with heights.Forest on water
There is a finnish written PDF booklet inluded in mapfolder (KARELIA 1941-1944).
It has pictures of all the new airfields.

Happy flying!
( sorry about typo's and finnish-english)

Hi, Kapteeni

Nice to see you around here. Smile

You do a lot of good work in IL-2.

Thank you.


OOps i did put this thread to wrong place... anyways.
Now there is heaps of islands, marshes, and ponds.
It sure looks like Finland, land of 1000Confused lakes now:

[Image: 0801201212-41-37.jpg]
[Image: 0801201212-37-30.jpg]
[Image: 0801201212-35-50.jpg]
[Image: 0801201212-20-43.jpg]
[Image: 0801201212-16-03.jpg]

Fireskull Wrote:Hi, Kapteeni

Nice to see you around here. Smile

You do a lot of good work in IL-2.

Thank you.

THX.. been busy as bee in real life.......
Lot's of music making too. with my new midiguitar.
It is a gem.

I haven't have time to visit forums. But now i'm back again.
Three more Finnish maps are on the Way:
Finnish Archipelago.
I was wishing that is hould have more time with VSF .....
But mapmaking is simply too fun with Agracier.. he provides me new Finnish maps in few hours after i delivered satellitedata for him..
I will post new news more regularry now...
been missing long winternights with hockeynight/ good music on the radio and map inder construction on my screen..

Here is a link to Agraciers Lapland. I only provided satellitedata and some consulting of landscape:
http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/t ... 446.0.html
and screenshots
http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/t ... 168.0.html
It looks amazing

Some new screenshots:
New navigation map with correct /finnish names.
[Image: 0801201221-01-10.jpg]
[Image: 070120129-55-34.jpg]
[Image: 0801201221-06-34.jpg]
[Image: 0801201221-08-15.jpg]
landscape details:
[Image: 070120129-51-27.jpg]
[Image: 0801201221-11-00.jpg]
[Image: 0801201221-09-55.jpg]
This is the most iconic landmark in Southern Finland: It s Koli Hill (about 400m from sea level)
Only in Lapland are real fells in Finland. Highest point in Finland (mount Halti) is only 1340m something.
But Koli is Souths natural landscape number one...Like mount Fuji for Japan.. hahahaha.
[Image: 0801201221-05-14.jpg]

Here is real Finland...
I think Agracier managed to get the right feeling.

That looks really cool great job ! Big Grin
Thank you.


Agracier and kapteeni got a nice thing happening here.

Thanks, again guys! Big Grin


Some users with Histomod or other modpacks did have issues with textures. They are propably missing this:
It goes to (extract and copy/paste the Trees folder)
I'm upolading a megabig texturepack which have virtually all the textures which Agracier have used for Finnish maps..
In case that something is missing..

Hi all!
I haven't post anything for a while. My father is very ill. I just don't have any strenght to do anything IL-2 related. I have made Karelia ready and i will upload it as soon as possible ..
Maybe next week.

I wish you the best in RL! It's so sad...I'm living the same in the last times.

And many thanks for your beautiful maps.

Good Luck!


My prayers are with you, your father, and your family. The same for you, Guderian.


Hi all!
My father passed away 12.4. Lungcancer took him. Luckily he didn't had to suffer. At least he told us that didn't had any pain.
My mother was holding his hand when he went. I was there too.
He was a good father and he did have many friends.

Even i feel sad, life must go on and i need to take care of my mother.
Karelia map must wait.

I'm sure that you guys understand delays an my absence from Il-2community.
I will be back as soon as possible.

Sorry to hear that Kap, my prayers go out to you and your family.
Take your time Kap we will be here when your ready to come back.


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